Ch. 12: Do You Really Think I’m Made of Mud?

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“Qin Yuan is really amazing! It’s just a celebration banquet and she was able to invite the big boss. It seems that in the future, the resources of our company will be skewed in her favor.”

After Xu Lili left, Tong Tong approached Jiang Mo and sighed in a low voice.

The other people in the office have already started to take action. There are not many opportunities to see the big boss. This time, they have to perform well.

Jiang Mo was expressionless, this was Xu Lili’s show of strength and it was really big.

As soon as she won a resource for Guan Yunyu, Xu Lili directly opened a celebration banquet, making it clear that she was a small person who couldn’t be on the stage. This kind of suppression was like slapping her face in public, and it was extremely loud.

Jiang Mo swallowed her anger. This Xu Lili always went against her. She used to trip her up, so she really treated her as a mud!

She took out her phone and started editing the text message with her head down.

The moment the news was sent, Jiang Mo regretted it.

Mo Jingtian is the big boss of the company. He went to Qin Yuan’s celebration banquet for work. Even if she said that, Mo Jingtian would not necessarily go to the banquet to go home for dinner.

Jiang Mo quickly added and posted it.

Mo Jingtian listened to the department manager’s report in the office. The phone vibrated continuously. He looked at the two WeChat popping up, and the corners of his lips made a smile unconsciously. It was fleeting but his fingers flew, and he responded positively.

He was in a great mood all afternoon.

The managers who were originally perturbed and felt that they would be severely reprimanded all passed the test smoothly. Even if the big boss was not satisfied, he just said redo it lightly and did not reprimand them at all. This gave several managers a sigh of relief.

Jiang Mo was anxious all afternoon, the news was posted, but Mo Jingtian’s reply made her a little puzzled. Did he say it’s better to go home for dinner or not to go home to eat?

She went to see Guan Yunyu’s preparations for the competition. Seeing that she was practicing seriously, she didn’t say anything. She simply went home and the menu was sent out. No matter if Mo Jingtian returned to eat, she would definitely do it.

*It wasn’t until night fell that Guan Yunyu completely finalized the repertoire. She just wanted to leave, but found that many of the artists in the company were wearing delicate makeup and small dresses, as if they were about to be on the show.

Guan Yunyu is particularly a passerby in jeans and a plaid shirt.

“Why are you wearing this? Qin’s celebration banquet, you aren’tgiving Sister Qin much face, are you?” Yi Nan was surprised.

Guan Yunyu looked puzzled, “Celebration party? What celebration party?”

“Didn’t your agent tell you? Sister Qin’s idol drama was so popular that the company hosted a celebration party for her, and I heard that the big boss would also be there. You didn’t look at all of these contenders, they all wanted to show the big boss!”

Guan Yunyu looked a little ugly, took out his mobile phone, and immediately contacted Jiang Mo.

Jiang Mo is struggling with Yulin, “Celebration party, you don’t need to go. Prepare the song. Everyone is very strong, if you are eliminated in the first round, don’t mention anything about improving your reputation and attracting fans.”

After hearing this, Guan Yunyu’s face looked a lot better, but she thought about the fact that the big boss would also go. This kind of opportunity to reach the upper management of the company is not common, and it is a pity to just give up.

“Your agent is not good either. If you are still under Sister Xu now, you must have known the news a long time ago and you have already prepared!” Yi Nan said with emotion.

Guan Yunyu remained silent, but returned to the dressing room, quickly changed his clothes, and got into the car with everyone.

At this time, the president’s office.

“You don’t really have Sky Entertainment, this small company, in your eyes? At an artist’s celebration banquet, you must be personally present. Even if you go at the end, can you just show your face?” Dong Lei said, looking at the tall stack of documents on the desk..

“Celebration party? You go for me.” Mo Jingtian said.

Yes, dare to love, he doesn’t remember this at all! This job fell to him!

“Where are you going if you don’t go to the celebration party?” Dong Lei asked.

“Go home for dinner, Momo will cook personally.” Mo Jingtian smiled slightly, obviously very happy.

Dong Lei’s mouth twitched and he was fed dog food again! It’s great to have a wife!

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