Ch. 26: Luo Xuan’s Phone

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“Who told you that we’re divorced,” Gu Feihan asked with a smile on his face, “Take a look at the documents.”

Qiao Yu was silent. 

When they had first talked about divorcing, it seemed they’d reached an agreement. After that, it should have been registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau. 

“But I signed the divorce agreement.”

“Don’t you know that in our country, it would only count once a divorce certificate is finalized?”

Does this mean that what Gu Feihan said to the police and landlord’s wife was the truth? Does this mean…she’s still his wife?

After pondering about the situation, she came up with a solution, “Should we go to a notary then?”

Gu Feihan’s demeanor suddenly turned gloomy, “You want to divorce me?”

Qiao Yu pursed her lips. She recounted how she had asked him the same question before, but now luck has turned. She didn’t know how to react, she pretended as if nothing happened. 

Gu Feihan was too anxious to eat any hot tofu and didn’t force her to eat some either, but he refused to leave. He decided that he should stay the night to protect her–to help avoid what had happened the night before. 

Qiao Yu couldn’t find a reason to go against the idea. She was worried about what happened, so she didn’t drive him away. But the question is, if Gu Feihan is staying, is she really safe?

Why does it feel like she’s more lost? 

For that matter, there is only one bed and she doesn’t own a couch. She discussed the dilemma with Gu Feihan, but his response made her want to vomit blood. 

“I need a second bed if I live with you,” he said. 

Qiao Yu decided not to discuss the issue any longer. When Gu Feihan went to take a shower, his phone rang. Qiao Yu picked it up and walked towards the bathroom. She knocked on the door and said, “Gu Feihan, your phone is ringing.”

“Can you pick it up?”

And so she did. She was about to speak until…

“Gu Feihan…,” a woman’s voice came from the other end. 

Even after a year, Qiao Yu immediately recognized the voice and didn’t know what to do and froze. 

“Feihan, I have something to tell you. Are you coming to Hongfeng bar? It’s important. I want to tell you in person.”

Luo Xuan’s voice was desperate, but Qiao Yu didn’t answer. She hung up the phone and placed her hand over her chest–her heart beating hard. 

She flashed back to when she was pregnant, when Luo Xuan told her that she also had a child–that Luo Xuan’s child was precious to Gu Feihan and he didn’t want her to give up the child. 

Wondering if the child had been born yet, she calculated the time. She suddenly wanted to laugh. 

Gu Feihan already had Luo Xuan and a child, so why bother with her?

[T/N]: What a twisty turny chapter, my friends.

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