Ch. 47: I Want a Baby

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“What are you doing,” she asked, looking at him puzzled. 

Gu Feihan handed over a piece of pregnancy test and motioned for her to try.

“Excuse you, what are you trying to say?”

“Exactly what you think.”

Qiao Yu didn’t respond. She realized that the box of contraceptive pills she’d been taking were vitamins and so she didn’t take certain measures many times. There was no doubt. 

Gu Feihan looked very satisfied and happy and immediately asked the housekeeper to quickly begin preparing supplies for a mother and baby. 

“Why are you in such a hurry? It’s only been a month.”

“I’m preparing for everything.”

Gu Feihan stretched his arms out for an embrace, “You should stay here then, yeah? Even if you don’t think about me, you should take the little one in consideration. Can you bear the idea of him not having a father?”

“Are you threatening me,” Qiao Yu raised her eyebrows. 

Gu Feihan’s demeanor quickly changed, “I’m begging you.”

Qiao Yu smiled. Truly, since the fire scene, she had decided that if she survived she would let what happened in the past stay in the past. Life is too short and they’ve already wasted so much time. It’s time to cherish the days to come. 

“But I feel like I’m at a disadvantage in this matter,” she said sighing, “There was an  amazing future for a child, but it didn’t pan out. How are you going to compensate?”

“What future do you want?”

She looked down and signed, “This is too much to think and talk about. The world is so big and I want to see more of it. For that matter, no one has proposed to me in this life or married me inexplicably. No matter how I think about it, I feel like I’m losing.”

Gu Feihan raised his eyebrows and looked at her. 

“Gu Feihan, would like to make up one for me? Instead of treating me just as a pregnant woman…” 

Gu Feihan sneered and didn’t like the way she was acting, “I guess I can treat you as such…”

Qiao Yu looked like a child that wants candy, pulling at the corner of his clothes, looking up at him with her eyes full of expectation.It’s the kind of pitiful and lovely appearance that’s hard to refuse. 

Gu Feihan looked into her eyes and made a playful smirk, “You don’t look convincing.”

Qiao Yu’s face collapsed and she pretended to ferociously push him away, “Go away and don’t come back. We’re done.”

She refused to give him a chance to speak and turned to leave, “When the three-month deadline is over, I will remarry and keep the child. You can watch him see someone else as a father.”

Gu Feihan chased and pulled her by the waist. Qiao Yu was about to fight him off, but he bowed his head and grabbed her lips. 

I was meant to be a joke, but it didn’t land that way. Gu Feihan hugged her back to the room and when she came out, it was hours later.

“Are you still leaving,” Gu Feihan asked rhetorically. 

“You rascal,” Qiao Yu responded, her legs weak. 

Qiao Yu asked Gu Feihan if he’d want a boy or girl and he said he vehemently said he wanted a baby boy. 

“Why don’t you go to heaven,” she shook her head, “You already have all the good things in the world.”

[T/N]: I don’t know if I feel satisfied or not. Two more chapters to go.

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One thought on “Ch. 47: I Want a Baby

  1. 2 more chapters?? No wonder she can easily accept and forgive him then. But Gu Feihan. Did he really did the deed with a one-month preggo lady in the hospital ward? That’s… Dangerous. For others and for the baby.


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