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100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife is a Bit Sweet

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100 pointsWritten By: Jiong Jiong You Yao (囧囧有妖)
Translated By: Miaka_Mei, vsukio, Xia
Edited By: Miaka_Mei, vsukio, Xia                                                Synopsis:

“This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly).

Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after having relations with him, hates him deep to his bones.

After her rebirth, she looked at the beauty on the bed, seriously thinking, the one who left his shadow in the past, seemingly should be him?

In her past life, her mind was muddled. She tried to get rid of the outstandingly beautiful husband that she didn’t want, was victimized by slag men and cheap women, and her most trusted friend brainwashed her. In the end she found people rebelling and friends deserting (isolated and alone).

In this lifetime, all of the evil people scheming and longing for her divorce should yield. Sorry but this young miss’s IQ is on the line!

Elite Hidden Marriage: Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife

**This has been picked up by Isohungry Translations from Ch.15 onwards**

BBPDWWritten By: 夏青衫
Translated By: Aiki, PigeonChubby, CrimsonJade
Edited By: Aiki, Xia, CrimsonJade                                                            Synopsis:

After recently taking on the job as the President of Jing Sheng Group’s assistant, she is reports to the president, that has also just taken office, for work.

“Tomorrow morning, postpone all the meetings. At 9 o’clock, follow me to the civil administration office to receive the license.”

On the first day of work, she already encountered an overbearing president that is forcing her to receive the license. Should she resist or obey?

At night, a certain someone leans on the edge of the door, saying in a light and lazy manner: “Madam, I want to turn off the lights. Are you sure you want to go to sleep wrapped like a steamed dumpling while holding a knife?”

“Either that or you can go out to sleep!”

“Impossible, this is my home!”

“During the day, you transferred the house to me. So now it’s my home!”

Xianggong, Please Divorce Me

XianggongWritten By: 蘇行樂
Translated By: snowflake_obsidian
Edited By: snowflake_obsidian, Xia                                    Synopsis:

This appears to be this type of story:

Soon after knowing that she was going to marry Song Shi An, Su Tang made a firm resolution to barter to get a bill of divorce within one month!

The reasons are many with one being crucial, that pan of cold noodles has been an eyesore for a very long time!

Actually, it is this type of story:

Has lightening, dog blood, even more it has big meat. Love steamed buns, love beautiful meals, as well as love household tussles.

Go out to build the family fortune, enter the house to steadily accompany the lady of the house! Who dares to interfere? Stiff penalties being served!