Ch. 45: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Two gunshots filled the air…

And the chain broke. Gu Feihan quickly picked her up. A piece from a burning pillar started to fall and he immediately turned around so that it would slam on his back. Luckily, most of it hit a beam but they both still fell.

“Gu Feihan, wake up,” Qiao Yu tried to wake him up–the smell of skin and flesh filling her nose. Gu Feihan coughed and he opened his eyes. He tried to get up but couldn’t. 

“I’m too hurt. I can’t move any more. Go. Save yourself.”

Qiao Yu insisted on helping him get up, “No, get yourself together, we’ll get out together. Don’t give up. We’ve just reunited. Don’t leave again.”

Gu Feihan pressed the back of her and blocked her mouth. Qiao Yu was stunned. 

After a quick moment, Gu Feihan let go of her reluctantly. He took a deep breath, one that took all his strength, to give his last words to her, “Live well.”

As soon as the last word escaped his lips, he fell and there was no more sound.

“Gu Feihan!”

Qiao Yu hugged him and tried to drag him out, but she didn’t have the strength. The smoke made it more difficult to breathe and she, too, lost consciousness. 

When Qiao Yu opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a hospital bed. Before the fire completely burned the warehouse, a rescue team was able to drag the both of them out. 

The injuries on her body weren’t major, but she didn’t care. She looked around for Gu Feihan but couldn’t find him. She pulled the nurse, “Where is the other person? How is he? Is he alive?”

The nurse hesitated for a moment and shook her head, “I’m sorry, the doctor tried his best, but he was badly injured.”

All the blood faded from Qiao Yu’s face. 

“Where is he now? Take me to see him,” she begged, grabbing the nurse’s sleeve. 

“Miss, please be careful. The wound on your shoulder hasn’t healed,” the nurse hurriedly tried to pull her off, but she couldn’t stop her. 

“How dare he die? He said he wanted to support me for the rest of my life? He said he owes me a child? How can he leave me like this,” she cried hysterically, pulling the needle from her arm and turned to leave the bed. The nurse couldn’t hold her off.

“Miss! You can’t just walk around, the wound will reopen.”

“Let me go, I want to see him. That bastard, how dare he leave me alone?”

She was wailing and the nurse wondered if it would be best to have the doctor provide a tranquilizer…until, suddenly, a man in a hospital gown appeared.

[T/N]: jfc, this chapter was a whoozy my friends. We’re so close to the end!

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One thought on “Ch. 45: Untitled

  1. Let me guess before i go to the next chapter. That guy is the one with uniform.then since she said all that, that guy will be veeeeeery happy and after all is well, have a baby (or babies)


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