Ch. 46: Luo Xuan is Dead

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu immediately ran down the corridor and hit the man wearing the hospital gown. 

“What are you doing,” a familiar voice said and Qiao Yu froze and quickly raised her head.

“You…,” she saw a familiar face and was stunned even more. After a long moment the two words she could only utter were, “Not dead?”

“Do you really want me to die,” Gu Feihan asked and raised his eyebrows.

“But the nurse just said…,” she muttered before looking back at the nurse.

“I thought you were talking about the woman who came with you…”

Qiao Yu was shocked before realizing that the other person was Luo Xuan. She looked back at Gu Feihan who nodded and reaffirmed her realization. 

Qiao Yu didn’t know what to say. She was immediately rushed back to the hospital bed and the nurse placed a new needle. Gu Feihan sat on the hospital bed next to her. 

“How much did you hear,” Qiao Yu asked, embarrassed. 


Qiao Yu blushed and wished she could find a corner to bury herself in, but she didn’t. So, she pulled the quilt over her head pretending to fall asleep.

A few minutes later, a nurse came over to replace the needles for the two injured patients and reminded Qiao Yu not to toss anymore. 

Qiao Yu was like a kid being disciplined for doing wrong things and Gu Feihan just watched her thoughtfully. 

Fortunately, their injuries weren’t particularly serious and after being in the hospital for a week they were discharged and could go home to recover. 

The police came several times to inquire about the kidnapping. Apparently the two men had already been arrested, but since Luo Xuan is dead there’s no principal culprit. 

“She was someone who could have had a great future.”

Qiau Yu hated the woman, but now that she was dead it wasn’t as satisfying as she imagined. After all, it was a tragedy nonetheless. The only thing that can be said is that she is now gone and there is no need to think about what she has done in her lifetime. 

“It’s really all your fault. Why did you have to stir up flowers and grass? And look at what it has caused,” Qiao Yu said to Gu Feihan, not knowing where to direct her anger, “It’s you who provoked these injustices.”

“I didn’t have anything to do with her,” Gu Feihan called out defiantly.

“As if I’d believe that.”

Gu Feihan swore to the sky, “All I asked for her to do was piss you off. At the time, she was invested in the role of a heroine in a TV series. I asked her for a favor and said that I’d give her the role.”

Qiao Yu was silent. 

What happened before is over–she told her herself that she should consider the future. With two months passing, there was only a month left and she needed to decide whether to go or stay, “Gu Feihan…”

She was about to discuss the matter at hand, but she suddenly felt nauseated and ran to the bathroom. After a while, the feeling finally faded. She washed her hands and saw Gu Feihan leaning against the wall, staring at her with interest.

[T/N]: So…we obviously know it’s a baby, but like why now–would have been more interesting if she left him again. Lol. I know, I’m heartless.

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One thought on “Ch. 46: Luo Xuan is Dead

  1. She is right. Even if Luo Xuan is bad, her death is not satisfying. No one’s dead is satisfying. Blerghh like you said dear lotus, she’s definitely preggo =.= nahhh she won’t leave him since she’s preggo ¬_¬


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