Ch. 13: Completely and Utterly Lose Face

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Sky Entertainment was nothing compared to other established entertainment companies. In the past, it was poorly managed. Finally, when they managed to cultivate a first-line star, the star was poached by a big-name company, and there were no profitable entertainers left. The boss was unable to endure and the company was acquired.

However, after the change in ownership, the funds were in place and talents were introduced. This celebration banquet was of very high specifications. Almost all of the company’s artists that were in the industry have basically arrived, giving Qin Yuan a lot of face.

After all, although she is only a second-tier artist, she is the company’s most profitable artist.

Qin Yuan also invited a lot of friends in the circle, and it was extremely lively for a while.

“I say Guan Yunyu, how about your manager? With such a good opportunity, why doesn’t she come to help you accumulate more connections?” Xu Lili walked over and asked with a smile, holding a goblet.

Guan Yunyu frowned and looked at some familiar people around her. The managers were all by their side, chatting with some artists in the circle.

“Qin Yuan is a nostalgic person. This time I said it was a celebration banquet, but in fact, it was to introduce contacts to you artists who had no chance. You have been in this circle for a short time. You should know how important contacts are!”

Xu Lili continued to sow discord. She bowed her head and sipped some red wine. “The big boss is coming soon. The manager is not strong, but you can work hard. I want to introduce Qin Yuan and Liu Cheng to the big boss. If you were still my artist, you’d naturally have a chance, but it’s a pity…”

Guan Yunyu bit her lower lip, clenched both hands into fists, and watched Xu Lili walk through the crowd, leading Qin Yuan and Liu Cheng to the entrance of the banquet hall to greet them. Some tepid artists around were also taken by their own agent and crowded around door.

Only she was alone, facing the mocking eyes of everyone. At this moment, she suddenly regretted it. She had heard Jiang Mo’s words if she knew it, but it would be fine.

She was the only one who faced the scornful gazes of others, and at this moment she regretted that she listened to Jiang Mo’s words long ago.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the crowd, and Guan Yunyu quickly saw that the person who came was not the boss, but the special assistant beside the boss!

“Isn’t it said that the big boss will come? How come it is Assistant Dong Lei?”

“Who knows, I just saw that Jiang Mo didn’t come. I thought I didn’t want to be slapped like this by Xu Lili. It seems that people have already known that the big boss will not come tonight.”

“It’s also possible that the big boss originally decided to come over, but Xu Lili went to Jiang Mo to show off her power before, and Jiang Mo was angry and immediately snatched the big boss away.”

“It’s possible! It’s possible! On the first day the big boss arrived at the company, Jiang Mo started using the beauties. Our big boss can hardly resist!”

“Does this count as an anti-slap? Xu Lili still wants to step on Jiang Mo, but she is really ashamed!”

In the crowd, there were endless discussions.

Xu Lili’s expression was instantly embarrassed, and Qin Yuan’s expression was also a bit unbearable. Everyone in the company knew that the big boss would be there in person today, but it turned out to be like this.

It’s really embarrassing to be thrown home, but this is also the celebrity next to the big boss, they absolutely can’t offend.

Xu Lili’s face instantly changed, and she began to warmly contact Qin Yuan. During the period, she kept winking at Qin Yuan and asked her to reduce the discomfort on her face.

However, Qin Yuan became popular for a short time, and her fans’ enthusiasm and enthusiasm have quickly inflated her ego. This time, in front of the entire company, she is so embarrassed, how could she bear it?

After saying hello to Dong Lei, she turned around and chatted with friends in the circle. In the end, the mess could only be left to the agent Xu Lili to clean up.

But no matter what, the faces of these two people are completely lost!

Yunshuijian Community.

Mo Jingtian is full of expectations. The newlywed little wife will cook in person, and everything is going in a good direction.

Who knew, as soon as he opened the door, he smelled a weird burning smell, and suspicious mist filled the kitchen.


Suddenly with a soft cry, Mo Jingtian was so frightened that he didn’t even change his shoes, and rushed directly to the kitchen, “What’s wrong?”

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