Ch. 27: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu couldn’t answer what she was feeling–why was she feeling sorry for Gu Feihan. Why did he decide to suddenly show up to break her now calm and peaceful life? She clenched her teeth and squeezed the phone tightly, her grip tightening on the phone. 

When Gu Feihan walked out of the bathroom, he saw Qiao Yu lying on her side, his back facing him, as if she was already asleep. He turned off the light and lay down beside her. He reached his arms over to embrace her, but at the slight touch Qiao Yu’s body tensed. After a moment,  she relaxed. 

“Tomorrow, when you’re free, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to handle the divorce,” she said. 

At this statement, Gu Feihan scrunched his eyebrows, “You…”

“You asked me earlier if I wanted to divorce you and after thinking about it, I think we should,” she paused to take a sigh, “I really don’t want to cause any issues between you and her.”

“What are you talking about? Who’s me and her? Who am I with?”

“Your little lover who just called you, saying that she has important things to tell you and for you to find her, “ she closed her eyes, “Gu Feihan, I beg you, let me go. I’m really tired. I don’t want to fight with her anymore.” 

Gu Feihan signed and lightly pulled on her shoulder to turn her body. His dark eyes met hers, scorching her body. They were too close, their breaths felt on the other’s cheeks. It was ever so slightly provocative. 

“Gu Feihan…”

Qiao Yu felt a little uncomfortable with such an intimate distance and tried to push him away, instead his lips collided with hers and blocked any words that would come out. Her eyes widened and she didn’t know how to react. 

After a long moment, he finally let her go. Qiao Yu wanted to hide away, but couldn’t. She was wrapped in his arms, hugged tightly. 

“I have no lover. She was never my lover,” he said. 

Qiao Yu refused to believe it. If it wasn’t the case, why did he take her home multiple times in the first place? If it wasn’t the case, what happened to Luo Xuan’s child? She didn’t want to think about it and ignored what Gu Feihan had said and her thoughts, as well. 

When she woke up the next day, Gu Feihan seemed to have left and she couldn’t help be feel some sense of relief. 

It’s a good plan to go and best not to come back. She immediately looked for a new house to rent and began packing for a move. When she was ready to leave, she received a call front he school notifying her that she’d been fired.

“But director, I…”

Before she could finish speaking, a busy tone disrupted her training of thought. The director had hung up. 

She called her colleague to ask about what had happened and she had asked if Qiao Yu had offended anyone. The rumor is that someone asked the principal to release her, and in return the person would donate a library to the school. Qiao Yu wanted to curse Gu Feihan. 

Who else would have had the financial resources and feel as if they had the luxury to do such a thing?

[T/N]: Gu Feihan, we needa have a talk, this is not how you win a woman…

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