Ch. 49: The Prosperous Wedding (Grand Finale)

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

One morning about half a month later…

Before dawn, Qiao Yu was woken up by the housekeeper and a group of people rushed to help with her makeup and hair. She was very confused. 

“What is this for? Is there an important event today that I forgot?”



The housekeeper looked at her smiling but did not speak. 

Until she was sent to the bridal lounge, she didn’t realize that she…got married today? She suddenly felt happy and she wondered if she was dreaming.

“Are you nervous?”

A gentle voice came from behind and she nodded instinctively and whispered, “A little bit.”

After speaking she quickly turned around to look at who spoke, “Qingyu?”

Seeing the familiar face, she stood up in surprise but couldn’t’ say a word. 

“Ha, do you not want to see me,” he said jokingly, his smile a gentle spring breeze. 

Qiao shook her head immediately, “I just didn’t expect you to attend this wedding.”

“Silly girl, if I didn’t come, who would walk you down the red carpet?”

He wasn’t wrong. Her father is no longer alive and her relatives have cut off contact with her. The only man that can be seen as someone with a close relationship to her would be him. If he didn’t come, she would have to have Xiaochen’s hand to walk her. 

Qiao Yu looked at the gentle smile on Qingyu’s face and felt a little guilty because if the roles had reversed she wouldn’t walk him down the aisle.

“Thank you, Qingyu.”

“No need for these words between us,” Lu Qingyu said, smiling at her, “You look beautiful today.”

Lu Qingyu walked Qiao Yu down the aisle at the church. Through the veil, she could see the man waiting for her and she felt tears beginning to form. 

When she asked him for a wedding, she was mostly joking. She didn’t expect that he would secretly prepare so much without telling her–she was at a loss at all the motions.

Lu Qingyu handed her to Gu Feihan and told him to take good care of her. Gu Feihan accepted.

“If you’re nervous, grab my hand.”

Gu Feihan was smiling from ear to ear.

“Can you pinch me?”

“No, I can tell you that this is true and you’re not dreaming.”

“Then, I am very happy.”

“From now on, I will make you happy every day.”

Under the witness of the priest, the bride and groom took their oath and exchanged rings. When no one noticed, Lu Qingyu left the church. 

Nine months later, the young master of the Gu family was born and everyone was busy celebrating the birth of the child. 

Gu Feihan looked at the doctor with an odd expression as if to say there was something missing. 

“It’s not easy to get a baby with a dragon and phoenix. After two years, let’s have a daughter.”

“What if it’s still a boy?”

“Then we’ll keep trying until a daughter is born.”

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Ch. 48: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Gu Feihan seemed to be very persistent when it came to the gender of the baby no matter what Qiao Yu said.

“I have worked hard for so long, I should gain something.”

Qiao Yu looked at him with disgust. 

After she became pregnant, Gu Feihan originally wanted her to rest at home and raise the baby with peace of mind, but Qiao Yu disliked being bored at home. And after two days of rest, he went to the company to help him. 

In the past two days, she didn’t know what Gu Feihan was doing. He always went to work early and came home late. When he went to meetings, he was accompanied by his secretary and rarely looked for her.

It wasn’t just him either, even the girls in the secretary’s office acted oddly. Sometimes she sees them talking but when she approaches they change the subject or walk away. 

One of the girls asked her if she could come with her to try on a wedding dress. The girl said she was planning on marrying her boyfriend in the near future and wanted to see if there were any suitable dresses. Seeing the girl’s pitiful eyes, she couldn’t bear to refuse. 

After much encouragement from the girl to try one, she finally gave in and chose one that was blindingly beautiful. Qiao Yu liked it so much. The owner told her that it was a special request by a rich man for his beloved girl from a famous French designer. The dress is one of a kind and the diamonds on it are priceless. 

As the words came out of the owner’s mouth, Qiao Yu’s initial reaction was that this man had money to burn which was then followed by envy. The man’s family must have cared much about the girl, but she didn’t want to think about it any more. 

“Qiao Yu,” the girl said, breaking Qiao Yu’s trance, “Help me see which of these two look better.”

“Definitely the one on the left.”

After coming out of the bridal shop, Qiao Yu asked her which one she was most fond of. The girl wanted to cry saying that she was fond of the special design, “It’s a pity I can never afford that in my life.”

“It’s not worth the money. The key is to look at your heart,” Qiao Yu said trying to comfort the girl.

“What about you, what do you want?”

“I have pretty low expectations, I just want a wedding, but I guess there is no hope for that in this life.”

Qiao Yu spoke sadly and the girl glanced at her and smiled, but made no other comments. 

After trying the wedding gown, Qiao Yu was already in a mood and Gu Feihan was adding more fuel to the fire. He didn’t go home that night and she didn’t know of any social events he was participating in. He came back after drinking so much alcohol and tried to kiss and hug her. Qiao Yu looked at him with disgust.

“How much did you drink?”

She helped him upstairs. Out of nowhere, Gu Feihan said that he was preparing for a family dinner and wanted to invite some relatives and friends to gather. He’d ask her if she wanted to invite anyone, but she paid it no mind due to the fact that he was drunk. 

She thought about it for a bit and she only knew the girls from the secretarial team and the teachers she taught with. 

[T/N]: Jesus, what kind of life did Qiao Yu live. Not even online friends? One chapter left, my friends!

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Ch. 47: I Want a Baby

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“What are you doing,” she asked, looking at him puzzled. 

Gu Feihan handed over a piece of pregnancy test and motioned for her to try.

“Excuse you, what are you trying to say?”

“Exactly what you think.”

Qiao Yu didn’t respond. She realized that the box of contraceptive pills she’d been taking were vitamins and so she didn’t take certain measures many times. There was no doubt. 

Gu Feihan looked very satisfied and happy and immediately asked the housekeeper to quickly begin preparing supplies for a mother and baby. 

“Why are you in such a hurry? It’s only been a month.”

“I’m preparing for everything.”

Gu Feihan stretched his arms out for an embrace, “You should stay here then, yeah? Even if you don’t think about me, you should take the little one in consideration. Can you bear the idea of him not having a father?”

“Are you threatening me,” Qiao Yu raised her eyebrows. 

Gu Feihan’s demeanor quickly changed, “I’m begging you.”

Qiao Yu smiled. Truly, since the fire scene, she had decided that if she survived she would let what happened in the past stay in the past. Life is too short and they’ve already wasted so much time. It’s time to cherish the days to come. 

“But I feel like I’m at a disadvantage in this matter,” she said sighing, “There was an  amazing future for a child, but it didn’t pan out. How are you going to compensate?”

“What future do you want?”

She looked down and signed, “This is too much to think and talk about. The world is so big and I want to see more of it. For that matter, no one has proposed to me in this life or married me inexplicably. No matter how I think about it, I feel like I’m losing.”

Gu Feihan raised his eyebrows and looked at her. 

“Gu Feihan, would like to make up one for me? Instead of treating me just as a pregnant woman…” 

Gu Feihan sneered and didn’t like the way she was acting, “I guess I can treat you as such…”

Qiao Yu looked like a child that wants candy, pulling at the corner of his clothes, looking up at him with her eyes full of expectation.It’s the kind of pitiful and lovely appearance that’s hard to refuse. 

Gu Feihan looked into her eyes and made a playful smirk, “You don’t look convincing.”

Qiao Yu’s face collapsed and she pretended to ferociously push him away, “Go away and don’t come back. We’re done.”

She refused to give him a chance to speak and turned to leave, “When the three-month deadline is over, I will remarry and keep the child. You can watch him see someone else as a father.”

Gu Feihan chased and pulled her by the waist. Qiao Yu was about to fight him off, but he bowed his head and grabbed her lips. 

I was meant to be a joke, but it didn’t land that way. Gu Feihan hugged her back to the room and when she came out, it was hours later.

“Are you still leaving,” Gu Feihan asked rhetorically. 

“You rascal,” Qiao Yu responded, her legs weak. 

Qiao Yu asked Gu Feihan if he’d want a boy or girl and he said he vehemently said he wanted a baby boy. 

“Why don’t you go to heaven,” she shook her head, “You already have all the good things in the world.”

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Ch. 46: Luo Xuan is Dead

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu immediately ran down the corridor and hit the man wearing the hospital gown. 

“What are you doing,” a familiar voice said and Qiao Yu froze and quickly raised her head.

“You…,” she saw a familiar face and was stunned even more. After a long moment the two words she could only utter were, “Not dead?”

“Do you really want me to die,” Gu Feihan asked and raised his eyebrows.

“But the nurse just said…,” she muttered before looking back at the nurse.

“I thought you were talking about the woman who came with you…”

Qiao Yu was shocked before realizing that the other person was Luo Xuan. She looked back at Gu Feihan who nodded and reaffirmed her realization. 

Qiao Yu didn’t know what to say. She was immediately rushed back to the hospital bed and the nurse placed a new needle. Gu Feihan sat on the hospital bed next to her. 

“How much did you hear,” Qiao Yu asked, embarrassed. 


Qiao Yu blushed and wished she could find a corner to bury herself in, but she didn’t. So, she pulled the quilt over her head pretending to fall asleep.

A few minutes later, a nurse came over to replace the needles for the two injured patients and reminded Qiao Yu not to toss anymore. 

Qiao Yu was like a kid being disciplined for doing wrong things and Gu Feihan just watched her thoughtfully. 

Fortunately, their injuries weren’t particularly serious and after being in the hospital for a week they were discharged and could go home to recover. 

The police came several times to inquire about the kidnapping. Apparently the two men had already been arrested, but since Luo Xuan is dead there’s no principal culprit. 

“She was someone who could have had a great future.”

Qiau Yu hated the woman, but now that she was dead it wasn’t as satisfying as she imagined. After all, it was a tragedy nonetheless. The only thing that can be said is that she is now gone and there is no need to think about what she has done in her lifetime. 

“It’s really all your fault. Why did you have to stir up flowers and grass? And look at what it has caused,” Qiao Yu said to Gu Feihan, not knowing where to direct her anger, “It’s you who provoked these injustices.”

“I didn’t have anything to do with her,” Gu Feihan called out defiantly.

“As if I’d believe that.”

Gu Feihan swore to the sky, “All I asked for her to do was piss you off. At the time, she was invested in the role of a heroine in a TV series. I asked her for a favor and said that I’d give her the role.”

Qiao Yu was silent. 

What happened before is over–she told her herself that she should consider the future. With two months passing, there was only a month left and she needed to decide whether to go or stay, “Gu Feihan…”

She was about to discuss the matter at hand, but she suddenly felt nauseated and ran to the bathroom. After a while, the feeling finally faded. She washed her hands and saw Gu Feihan leaning against the wall, staring at her with interest.

[T/N]: So…we obviously know it’s a baby, but like why now–would have been more interesting if she left him again. Lol. I know, I’m heartless.

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Ch. 45: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Two gunshots filled the air…

And the chain broke. Gu Feihan quickly picked her up. A piece from a burning pillar started to fall and he immediately turned around so that it would slam on his back. Luckily, most of it hit a beam but they both still fell.

“Gu Feihan, wake up,” Qiao Yu tried to wake him up–the smell of skin and flesh filling her nose. Gu Feihan coughed and he opened his eyes. He tried to get up but couldn’t. 

“I’m too hurt. I can’t move any more. Go. Save yourself.”

Qiao Yu insisted on helping him get up, “No, get yourself together, we’ll get out together. Don’t give up. We’ve just reunited. Don’t leave again.”

Gu Feihan pressed the back of her and blocked her mouth. Qiao Yu was stunned. 

After a quick moment, Gu Feihan let go of her reluctantly. He took a deep breath, one that took all his strength, to give his last words to her, “Live well.”

As soon as the last word escaped his lips, he fell and there was no more sound.

“Gu Feihan!”

Qiao Yu hugged him and tried to drag him out, but she didn’t have the strength. The smoke made it more difficult to breathe and she, too, lost consciousness. 

When Qiao Yu opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a hospital bed. Before the fire completely burned the warehouse, a rescue team was able to drag the both of them out. 

The injuries on her body weren’t major, but she didn’t care. She looked around for Gu Feihan but couldn’t find him. She pulled the nurse, “Where is the other person? How is he? Is he alive?”

The nurse hesitated for a moment and shook her head, “I’m sorry, the doctor tried his best, but he was badly injured.”

All the blood faded from Qiao Yu’s face. 

“Where is he now? Take me to see him,” she begged, grabbing the nurse’s sleeve. 

“Miss, please be careful. The wound on your shoulder hasn’t healed,” the nurse hurriedly tried to pull her off, but she couldn’t stop her. 

“How dare he die? He said he wanted to support me for the rest of my life? He said he owes me a child? How can he leave me like this,” she cried hysterically, pulling the needle from her arm and turned to leave the bed. The nurse couldn’t hold her off.

“Miss! You can’t just walk around, the wound will reopen.”

“Let me go, I want to see him. That bastard, how dare he leave me alone?”

She was wailing and the nurse wondered if it would be best to have the doctor provide a tranquilizer…until, suddenly, a man in a hospital gown appeared.

[T/N]: jfc, this chapter was a whoozy my friends. We’re so close to the end!

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Ch. 44: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

There was a stalemate between the two and the air was quiet–their breaths ever so present. In the end, Gu Feihan decided to drop the bat to the ground. One of the men immediately pushed him to the ground. 

“Please stop fighting,” Qiao Yu kept repeating the sentence, blood spitting out of her mouth, tears still falling. She couldn’t count how many kicks and punches he had suffered as the two men continued to beat him until they were exhausted. His eyes started to close as if he was dying. 

Luo Xuan smiled a wicked smile as she watched the scene in front of her–the more she looked at it, the more she felt at peace as she kept hysterically laughing. 

The two men looked at the scene and one of them whispered to the other, “Let’s take our money and go quickly. If we stay here longer, I feel like it’ll become more of a problem. Especially if the police come.”

The two men were about to leave, but they saw Luo Xuan aim a gun, “If anyone dare leave now, I will shoot.”

“We’re all on the same boat, you can’t do things this way.”

“All I want is for you two to burn this place then leave.”

The warehouse used to be an oil storage facility and it wouldn’t be difficult to set it on fire. The two started the work and flames burst immediately. 

Both men immediately took the money and left, but Luo Xuan refused to leave and raised the pistol on Qiao Yu with a clear intent to kill her. 

“Bitch, go to hell,” she screamed. Qiao Yu thought she was dead, but instead she saw Gu Feihan pressing Luo Xuan on the ground. 


A stray bullet hit an oil tank and began to drip, fueling the fire even more. Gu Feihan was able to snatch the gun from Luo Xuan’s hand and immediately knocked her to the ground. 

Afterwards, he hurried to Quao Yu but couldn’t figure out how to break the chain. He went back to Luo Xuan to check her pockets, but couldn’t find a key. It was possible that the two men had the key, but they’ve already left. 

The flames grew bigger and bigger and pieces of wood and stone began to fall. 

“Gu Feihan, leave me. Go.”

“No, shut up,” he whispered, his eyes wept. He grabbed the gun again. 

[T/N]: OMG. OMG. Is this going to be a Romeo and Juliet kind of ending!? My poor heart!!

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Ch. 43: Kneeling For Her

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“You are so naive. You thought I’d let you both go after you’ve done to humiliate me,” she wasn’t going to cooperate, and she suddenly laughed, “If it weren’t for you, I would not have fallen.”

“You are the one to blame,” Gu Feihan responded. 

Luo Xuan smiled, “Well then, Gu Feihan, if you want to save her…kneel down and kowtow to me. Apologize and I will let her go.”

Gu Feihan’s face paled and the veins on his forehead began to pop one by one from trying to suppress his anger.

“Hmmm…it seems that she’s not that important then. If you simply kneel down, then she’ll live. You want to save her yet you don’t want to be sincere.”

Luo Xuan grabbed Qiao Yu’s hair and placed the dagger on her face, “I will give you three seconds to think about it. If you don’t decide, I will destroy her face.”

The muscles on Gu Feihan’s face tightened. Qiao Yu tried to ignore the pain from her scalp and muttered, “Don’t believe her. She’s crazy.”

“Shut up!”

Luo Xuan was furious. She slammed Qiao Yu’s head onto a stone pillar.

“Stop,” Gu Feihan screamed, his expression mortified. 

“Ha! I see…”

Gu Feihan gritted his teeth. He’s a proud person and he’s never knelt down for anyone. 

“This was my fault…your situation. If you want revenge, punish me. Let her go. It’s none of her business.”

As long as Qiao Yu is safe, his dignity doesn’t matter. He only cares for her. 

“Do you think I’m stupid? As if I’d listen to you and obediently let her go,” Luo Xuan said sarcastically, “Stop talking nonsense. Kneel and apologize to me.”

Gu Feihan clenched his fist, but saw the knife had started to penetrate Qiao Yu’s cheeks–blood oozing out. He couldn’t stand it and he fell on his knees. Qiao Yu’s heart tightened from the sound and sight of Gu Feihan kneeling, and she started to cry. 

There was irony in the warm and affectionate look in Luo Xuan’s eyes. She started to laugh hysterically again and pointed a knife at Gu Feihan, “Beat him hard! Kill him!”


Qiao Yu shook her head and she hissed, her tears continued to flow down her cheeks, “Please, let him go.”

No one paid any attention to what she said and the men immediately hit Gu Feihan with a bat. He was defending himself instinctively until one man fell to the ground. 

“If you don’t stop, I will kill her,” Luo Xuan screamed and moved the dagger towards Qiao Yu’s neck, “Try me.”

[T/N]: Yo, this woman has gone batshit crazy. Please tell me Gu Feihan had a back-up plan. Also, can I just say that my heart panged a bit when Gu Feihan kneeled for Qiao Yu.

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Ch. 42: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu felt a tingling sensation on her face, “What do you want?”

“I want you to die,” she screamed hysterically, “He clearly said that he didn’t like you, but when you left, he stopped looking at me. I was about to succeed and I would have become the wife of the president of Emperor. But I couldn’t, because of you!”

Qiao Yu didn’t respond. 

“After you left a year ago, Gu Feihan targeted me. Xue Zang kept tormenting for half a year. To get a good role, I had to fuck people. The director that did end up taking me was a pervert. I got addicted to drugs and it ruined my life.”

Luo Xuan spoke with excitement and Qiao Yu merely looked at her with a calm and cold face, “This is what you asked for.”

Luo Xuan responded by slapping her severely, and Qiao Yu coughed–her face quickly swelling, the corner of her mouth torn. 

“What do you want,” Qiao Yu asked, “If you really want me to die, just stab me to death. Why tie me?”

Luo Xuan sneered but said nothing. She ordered the two people guarding the door to call Gu Feihan and asked him to bring 50 million in cash to the broken warehouse alone, otherwise she would tear up the ticket. 

Gu Feihan asked to hear Qiao Yu’s voice and Luo Xuan. 

“Don’t come here, just call the police! Luo Xuan is crazy, she won’t let you go,” she screamed before one of the men hit her on the head with a fist. Qiao Yu screamed again before all she could hear was buzzing in her head. 

Luo Xuan reminded Gu Feihan that he only had three hours and he must bring the money to the designated place–if not, all he would have to collect is Qiao Yu’s body. 

Qiao Yu couldn’t understand what was being said, but noticed that Luo Xuan seemed to be in a good mood once she hung up the phone. 

“Do you remember when confidential information was leaked out?”

Gu Feihan hadn’t told her much information about what happened, but from what she gathered it seemed that the general manager of the technical department was behind something since he was suddenly suspended. 

“I did it. I wanted to give him another chance. As long as he married me, I would let it go. He disagreed and I was left to sell the information to his opponent. I wanted to see him defeated, but I didn’t expect that he’d survive.”

Luo Xuan sneered and held Qiao Yu’s face again, “Qiao Yu, why does he keep you in his heart–no matter what I do, he doesn’t have space for anyone else.”

“It’s because I’m not the type of person to hire someone to kill someone’s child,” Qiao Yu said, cutting off Luo Xuan. 

In response, Luo Xuan laughed in anger. There was a sudden change in the air, and she thrusted the switchblade into Qiao Yu’s shoulder blade. 

Her screams tore the air. 

Qiao Yu’s face was covered in cold sweat, her face more swollen–her skin so white as if no blood rushed through her veins. Luo Xuan thought that she was being too loud and ordered one of the men to block her mouth. 

Not knowing how long it had been, she heard someone outside and light shone on her face as someone pushed the dilapidated doors. The sudden intense light started to make her feel dizzy. 

It was Gu Feihan. He threw the box of money on the floor. His eyes were hardening, his body covered in ice the moment he saw Qiao Yu’s current state. 

“I’ve brought the money. Let her go.”

[T/N]: Okay, why is it that female leads have to go through so much. Ugh. We gotta change this trope. Maybe I’ll write a story?

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Ch. 41: I’ll Raise You Forever

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu initially wanted to tease him, instead she found herself saying, “I will support you.”

“For a lifetime?”

“For a lifetime.”

Gu Feihan smiled and gave her a hug. Even though he knew he was coaxing her, he still felt sweetness in his heart and her words made him happier than any wealth in the world. 

After more than half a month of hard work, Gu Feihan fought and walked out with a beautiful turnaround. He defeated his opponent and regained market status. Moreover, the first thing he did after dealing with the crisis was have people deal with Luo Xuan. 

Overnight, Luo Xuan’s pure and innocent image was ruined overnight. Gu Feihan refused to end it until she was completely blacklisted from the entertainment industry. 

During this time, Qiao Yu didn’t know that the instigator was the man that slept beside her. She found herself brushing happily and occasionally thought about how Gu Feihan’s eyes had been so bad to see something with this white lotus. 

When she delivered Gu Feihan’s afternoon coffee, he suddenly hugged her from behind, lowered his head, and bit her neck. A tingling sensation spread through Qiao Yu’s body and her face completely flushed, “Don’t cause any trouble.”

“No one will see us, what are you afraid of,” he asked, holding her face, “It’s okay, we won’t make trouble. Come out with me tonight.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s a date. I have something for you.”

Qiao Yu sighed and didn’t have much time to think about it. She quickly responded and ran out for an escape fearing that something else would happen if she stayed as the tingling and warm touch on her neck made her whole body warm. 

Not long after, she received a call from Luo Xuan asking her if she could meet before she left the city. Luo Xuan said that she wanted to see Qiao Yu one last time to apologize for the past and to tell her other things.

“I won’t accept it…even if we meet,” Qiao Yu said, having no feelings for the woman.

“I’m in the parking lot on the ground floor of the company right now. I have something important to return to you. Just quickly come down, it won’t take long,” Luo Xuan hastily said before hanging up. 

Qiao Yu hesitantly walked down, but as soon as she opened the door someone quickly placed a veil over her mouth and nose. A strange fragrant hit her and her eyes went dark and she lost consciousness. 

When she woke up, she found herself tied up in a dilapidated warehouse. Not far away, two men with black masks watched her. As soon as her vision cleared, she saw tattoos on their arms and noticed they were holding knives and axes. 

“Finally awake?”

A sneer came from the side and when she looked for the direction of the voice, she saw Luo Xuan’s face. 

Luo Xuan walked towards Qiao Yu with a switchblade and raised her face with the tip of the knife, “You and Gu Feihan left me with nothing and a debt. Now I’m being chased by people everywhere. Say, should I settle this account with you?”

Luo Xuan pressed the cold blade on Qiao Yu’s cheek and with a light stroke, blood rolled down to her mouth. 

[T/N]: My jaws dropped. CAN THIS WOMAN PLS JUST GO AWAY. I’m so over her.

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Ch. 40: His Crisis

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

If someone had asked Gu Feihan to explain their situation, he felt as though he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly. He did feel guilty for the child, but he wasn’t being kind and loving to her because of the child. 

Even if the lost child was theirs, he believes he should listen. Should he lose, it would only be losing money. 

Qiao Yu looked at his face and noticed that he wasn’t in the best mood and she dared not say anything. She shrank and moved away from him. 

“Come closer,” he commanded after he caught a glimpse of her actions, but Qiao Yu shook her head and moved further. She didn’t know that this little act would anger a sleeping beast as Gu Feihan suddenly pulled her over by the arm and pressed her into the seat before kissing her. 

Qiao Yu stayed motionless and stiff. The powerless feeling of a fist hitting cottons spread throughout Gu Feihan’s body and he felt  headache begin to form, “Sometimes, I really just want to strangle you directly.”

Qiao Yu continued to be silent. She wasn’t angry because of what Luo Xuan said to her, but because he chose not to tell her about the meeting. 

Since the day of the banquet, Qiao Yu’s attitude towards him was obviously colder and Gu Feihan asked what was wrong several times, but she only answered with nothing and that it was okay. 

The company’s current situation didn’t help as the past two days, so many things went wrong–confidential information had been leaked and sold to a rival company; as a result, Gu Feihan lost several major customers. 

Dijue’s family was a big business and the loss wasn’t too bad, but a wave of unrest occurred. Some took the opportunity to spread rumors by saying things that the company’s products were defective, shoddy, and counterfeit. Gu Feihan was pushed to the forefront of the storm again and again. 

Qiao Yu could tell that he was busy. In order to deal with the multiple emergencies, several departments were forced to work overtime. Gu Feihan was constantly running around for various meetings and conferences–not to mention all meals and accomodations were at the company. 

It was another overnight overtime and Qiao Yu brought in freshly brewed coffee but felt that she shouldn’t give it to him.

“You should take a nap before continuing to work,” she said as she sorted through documents he had just finished. Moments later, she ushered him to lie down on the sofa but Gu Feihan lightly pulled her pretending to be pitiful and lay his head on her leg. 

Qiao Yu felt bad and agreed. Instead of taking a nap, he continued to be just there pulling her into a conversation, “What if I can’t make it this time around?”

“You think too much. It’s not a big deal. After so many years of heavy winds and waves, why should you be afraid of such a small setback?”

She stroked his hair, but they both knew in their hearts that things were not as simple this time. The stocks of the company showed this. 

“But this time I feel like I can’t make it anymore,” he reluctantly pulled to play rogue, “If I go bankrupt, you have to support me.”

[T/N]: Cute, I guess. Y’know, I wonder if Luo Xuan and the General Manager had something to do with this.

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