Ch. 48: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Gu Feihan seemed to be very persistent when it came to the gender of the baby no matter what Qiao Yu said.

“I have worked hard for so long, I should gain something.”

Qiao Yu looked at him with disgust. 

After she became pregnant, Gu Feihan originally wanted her to rest at home and raise the baby with peace of mind, but Qiao Yu disliked being bored at home. And after two days of rest, he went to the company to help him. 

In the past two days, she didn’t know what Gu Feihan was doing. He always went to work early and came home late. When he went to meetings, he was accompanied by his secretary and rarely looked for her.

It wasn’t just him either, even the girls in the secretary’s office acted oddly. Sometimes she sees them talking but when she approaches they change the subject or walk away. 

One of the girls asked her if she could come with her to try on a wedding dress. The girl said she was planning on marrying her boyfriend in the near future and wanted to see if there were any suitable dresses. Seeing the girl’s pitiful eyes, she couldn’t bear to refuse. 

After much encouragement from the girl to try one, she finally gave in and chose one that was blindingly beautiful. Qiao Yu liked it so much. The owner told her that it was a special request by a rich man for his beloved girl from a famous French designer. The dress is one of a kind and the diamonds on it are priceless. 

As the words came out of the owner’s mouth, Qiao Yu’s initial reaction was that this man had money to burn which was then followed by envy. The man’s family must have cared much about the girl, but she didn’t want to think about it any more. 

“Qiao Yu,” the girl said, breaking Qiao Yu’s trance, “Help me see which of these two look better.”

“Definitely the one on the left.”

After coming out of the bridal shop, Qiao Yu asked her which one she was most fond of. The girl wanted to cry saying that she was fond of the special design, “It’s a pity I can never afford that in my life.”

“It’s not worth the money. The key is to look at your heart,” Qiao Yu said trying to comfort the girl.

“What about you, what do you want?”

“I have pretty low expectations, I just want a wedding, but I guess there is no hope for that in this life.”

Qiao Yu spoke sadly and the girl glanced at her and smiled, but made no other comments. 

After trying the wedding gown, Qiao Yu was already in a mood and Gu Feihan was adding more fuel to the fire. He didn’t go home that night and she didn’t know of any social events he was participating in. He came back after drinking so much alcohol and tried to kiss and hug her. Qiao Yu looked at him with disgust.

“How much did you drink?”

She helped him upstairs. Out of nowhere, Gu Feihan said that he was preparing for a family dinner and wanted to invite some relatives and friends to gather. He’d ask her if she wanted to invite anyone, but she paid it no mind due to the fact that he was drunk. 

She thought about it for a bit and she only knew the girls from the secretarial team and the teachers she taught with. 

[T/N]: Jesus, what kind of life did Qiao Yu live. Not even online friends? One chapter left, my friends!

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