Ch. 11: Where Did You Go On a Date With the Big Boss?

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Guan Yunyu’s manager had changed, and the company’s other trainees knew.

Although she had been in the industry for three years, she only showed her face at the beginning. She didn’t have the opportunity to perform and didn’t have much reputation. However, compared with these trainees who have yet to debut, she is still much better. After all, her agent was Xu Lili and that fact alone had made many people jealous.

After all, there is Qin Yuan and Liucheng, both fast-growing stars. They are the company’s most popular and profitable artists. As long as a little resource is given to Guan Yunyu, her life will be much easier.

However, now her manager has been replaced by a newcomer without any foundation, which brings joy to some of those secretly envious people.

“Guan Yunyu’s good luck has come to an end. Without Sister Xu, maybe she’ll even be worse than us in the future.”

“What good luck? She has no luck, otherwise, why didn’t she make a career under sister Xu these last three years? This time she had gotten a spot on “Sing Your Heart Out”. Who knew that her manager had changed and she missed such a good opportunity.”

In the bathroom, Guan Yunyu clenched his fists hard and opened the door with a loud bang. The two women applying makeup in front of the sink were so frightened that they turned their heads. They were a little embarrassed when they were caught by the person they were gossiping about.

At this moment, someone outside the bathroom called out for Guan Yunyu. She just gave the gossipers a fierce look, and then walked out. However, her anger was trapped in her heart with nowhere to vent it and she still felt suffocated.

“Good news.” Jiang Mo said with a smile, standing in the practice room.

Guan Yunyu’s eyes lit up and looked at her expectantly.

“Sing Your Heart Out” will start recording in the future. This is a rare opportunity, so perform well.” Jiang Mo patted her on the shoulder. The voice was not too loud, but everyone in the practice room could hear it.

Suddenly, Guan Yunyu became the focus of the practice room. Who wouldn’t want such a good opportunity? The faces of the two people who came out of the bathroom were particularly ugly.

Guan Yunyu grabbed Jiang Mo’s wrist excitedly, his eyes were ecstatic, “Thank you Sister Jiang! Thank you! I will definitely work hard!”

“I said, you will start to have good luck.” Jiang Mo smiled confidently, brightly dazzling, overshadowing everyone in the practice room.

Guan Yunyu just nodded happily.

Jiang Mo’s announcement in the practice room can be regarded as a warning to all the trainees and let everyone shut up!

This is to let them know that not only is it not a bad thing for Guan Yunyu to change her manager, it is a great thing, so that Guan Yunyu can not be despised by these people!



There was wind on the soles of Jiang Mo’s feet, and her eyes were full of spring.

“What’s the good thing? Why are you so happy?” Tong Tong rushed over, with ambiguous eyes. “Is there any progress with the big boss? Someone saw you get into the big boss’ car at noon and asked how far have you progressed.”

Jiang Mo was slightly startled. How could she be seen in such a short time at noon?

“Yo-yo-yo, it seems that the rumors are true. You really got in the big boss’ car? Tell me, where did you go on a date?” Big gossip was written in Tong Tong’s eyes.

“What appointment? It’s work! I went to see the producer.” Jiang Mo said sternly.

“Oh, that show, “Sing Your Heart Out!” Tong Tong suddenly realized.

Jiang Mo breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t be so arrogant because you got a resource! It’s just “Sing Your Heart Out”. People are just considering our company’s face. Don’t believe that you are so powerful!”

Xu Lili walked over in high heels. It was obvious who her remarks were directed at. Suddenly, the office area suddenly became quiet.

“Our Qin Yuan’s TV series has been a hit and we are having a celebration dinner in the evening. After work, everyone can have fun together. Our big boss will also be there.”

Xu Lili said this with a smile. Facing other people, she can be more friendly, but her eyes are still full of pride.

Everyone was slightly surprised. This is a good opportunity to get in touch with the big boss. Whether it is for work or for yourself, everyone will definitely be there at this banquet, and they must also bring their own artists!

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