Ch. 49: The Prosperous Wedding (Grand Finale)

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

One morning about half a month later…

Before dawn, Qiao Yu was woken up by the housekeeper and a group of people rushed to help with her makeup and hair. She was very confused. 

“What is this for? Is there an important event today that I forgot?”



The housekeeper looked at her smiling but did not speak. 

Until she was sent to the bridal lounge, she didn’t realize that she…got married today? She suddenly felt happy and she wondered if she was dreaming.

“Are you nervous?”

A gentle voice came from behind and she nodded instinctively and whispered, “A little bit.”

After speaking she quickly turned around to look at who spoke, “Qingyu?”

Seeing the familiar face, she stood up in surprise but couldn’t’ say a word. 

“Ha, do you not want to see me,” he said jokingly, his smile a gentle spring breeze. 

Qiao shook her head immediately, “I just didn’t expect you to attend this wedding.”

“Silly girl, if I didn’t come, who would walk you down the red carpet?”

He wasn’t wrong. Her father is no longer alive and her relatives have cut off contact with her. The only man that can be seen as someone with a close relationship to her would be him. If he didn’t come, she would have to have Xiaochen’s hand to walk her. 

Qiao Yu looked at the gentle smile on Qingyu’s face and felt a little guilty because if the roles had reversed she wouldn’t walk him down the aisle.

“Thank you, Qingyu.”

“No need for these words between us,” Lu Qingyu said, smiling at her, “You look beautiful today.”

Lu Qingyu walked Qiao Yu down the aisle at the church. Through the veil, she could see the man waiting for her and she felt tears beginning to form. 

When she asked him for a wedding, she was mostly joking. She didn’t expect that he would secretly prepare so much without telling her–she was at a loss at all the motions.

Lu Qingyu handed her to Gu Feihan and told him to take good care of her. Gu Feihan accepted.

“If you’re nervous, grab my hand.”

Gu Feihan was smiling from ear to ear.

“Can you pinch me?”

“No, I can tell you that this is true and you’re not dreaming.”

“Then, I am very happy.”

“From now on, I will make you happy every day.”

Under the witness of the priest, the bride and groom took their oath and exchanged rings. When no one noticed, Lu Qingyu left the church. 

Nine months later, the young master of the Gu family was born and everyone was busy celebrating the birth of the child. 

Gu Feihan looked at the doctor with an odd expression as if to say there was something missing. 

“It’s not easy to get a baby with a dragon and phoenix. After two years, let’s have a daughter.”

“What if it’s still a boy?”

“Then we’ll keep trying until a daughter is born.”

[T/N]: Well folks, that was it. I’m not really sure what to say besides thank you for coming with me through this journey–my first translation/edits are complete! If you have any short stories that you’d like for me to translate, let me know! I’d love to look into them and see if there’s one that piques my interest.

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3 thoughts on “Ch. 49: The Prosperous Wedding (Grand Finale)

  1. Thanks for all the chapters you have translated!! ❤️❤️ It was a nice short journey. Please continue to translate other novels too!

    But that ending sure was short. Poor Qingyu. Let him transmigrate next to me and I’ll marry him!


  2. Many thanks for this journey. Spectacular job …especially for a newbie .Qingyu got the short end of the stick…so true. And Luo Xuan??? How did she die? i Wish that she died earlier. But, how did she die. Did he shoot her?


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