Ch. 23: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

The police arrived quickly. After asking about the situation, they took away the drunkard who broke into the room. Qiao Yu was asked to go to the police station to help make a note and Gu Feihan did not feel at ease, therefore, joining her. When the police asked what his relationship was with Qiao Yu, Gu Feihan automatically said, “Married Couple.”

Qiao Yu froze hearing those two words. After the report was completed, they walked out of the police station and she couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you lie to the police just now?”

“What lies?”

“Saying that we’re a couple.”

“We were a couple.”

Qiao Yu didn’t say anything in response. She initially wanted to ask him how he and Luo Xuan are doing now. But after mulling over the question, she concluded that it didn’t matter and decided not to say anything. 

When they returned to the rental, she tried sleeping per Gu Feihan’s suggestion. He said he’d stay until dawn. Instead she ended up tossing the whole time, especially after what had happened. All she could picture was a man rushing towards her and strangling her neck. 

As Qiao Yu finally began to doze off, she was rustled by noise coming outside of her door. She got up to see what the commotion was about and there was a group of people outside the rental when she opened the door. 

“Are you finally coming out,” the landlord’s wife scrambled when she saw Qiao Yu. Her eyes were full of anger, eyes red, as if she was about to breathe fire. It seems she heard about her son being detained by the police and may face multiple criminally punishments including attempted murder. 

“How did my son offend you!? You even let the police arrest him!? Who are you to do something like this!?”

“Auntie, your son clearly…”

Qiao Yu was about to continue explaining, but the landlord’s wife grabbed her arm and pulled her out, “Everyone is judging me but it’s the fox spirit that seduced my son first and now she’s running around pretending to be the victim. Now, my son is in jail. At first, I pitied the fox spirit because she was alone with a child, and so I rented her the house. And now, the result was leading a wolf into the room which made my whole family feel restless. What did I do wrong?”

“Your son wasn’t good. He bullied others and blamed fault on other people,” a person from the crowd said, feeling empathy for what happened to Qiao Yu. The person wasn’t finished, but the landlord’s wife was already crying in tears. 

“My son would never do this kind of crime no matter how bad. If it weren’t for her seducing him, how could my son be able to control himself. There are beautiful girls everywhere, why didn’t he just look at them instead of her?”

Her words were arrogant and she acted seamlessly, “You don’t know, but this fox spirit brough men back home for three days an two nights. She also likes to pick those rich married men. It may be too late to save my son.” 

After experiencing what happened the night prior, Qiao Yu was not in the mood for slandering nor quarrelling. She felt as if she was about to burst into fire and couldn’t contain composure as she said, “Auntie, I respect you as an elder. I do not want to fight with you, but please speak more politely.”

She intended to calm down, but the landlord’s wife didn’t seem to be interested in doing the same and pointed at Qiao Yu more dramatically than before, “I am saying what I saw!” 

[T/N]: GURL, this lady needs to mind her own business. She needs to mind her own dang business.

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