Ch. 10: This Bowl of Dog Food

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T/L Note: “Absolute Singing” has been changed to “Sing Your Heart Out”. I’ve updated the previous chapter to the new name.

“Producer Li, hello. I am Jiang Mo, a manager at Sky Entertainment.”

Li Gang looked up and saw a delicate and beautiful face. Even in the entertainment circle full of beautiful women, her beauty draws people in. He couldn’t help but question her identity, “Are you sure you are not an artist?”

Jiang Mo smiled slightly, “Producer Li’s “Sing Your Heart Out” second season is about to start. I have an artist with great potential, I don’t know if it’s convenient for you?”

Li Gang suddenly felt a little embarrassed. “You should know that the registration has long been closed, and they have been screened by the program group.”

“Naturally I know. The main reason the first season of “Sing Your Heart Out” was successful was the outstanding students. My artist is from a professional school. You can be assured that with her training, she won’t lower the quality of the program if she participates.” said Jiang Mo.

Li Gang still shook his head. His attitude was very firm, “The registration has been closed, and the recording will start the day after tomorrow. The other contestants have already started preparations. The performance will definitely be wonderful. Temporarily inserting one person at this point will definitely affect the wonderful quality of the program.”

Jiang Mo is slightly smiled, “You are wrong. With my artist participating, the show will be more exciting.”

Li Gang frowned.

“A program can only attract attention if there is a topic, and when it’s great, the show ratings will explode.”

“Sing Your Heart Out” is mostly grassroots contestants. My artists has formal education from a institution. I don’t know if that the grass-roots school is part of a college major. One is systematic learning and the other is self-taught. When the two meet, it is easy to compare and create a topic to focus on right?”

Jiang Mo smiled, smart and confident.

Li Gang was persuaded at the moment and couldn’t help laughing .

“I heard that Sky Entertainment has a new boss. It seems that the company has another talent.” Jiang Mo just smiled and didn’t say much about this.

But it was through the effort of drinking coffee that Jiang Mo won this resource for Guan Yunyu.

When she walked out of the cafe, her whole body felt a lot lighter, and a bright smile spread across her face.

Mo Jingtian walked out of the car, “Congratulations.”

Jiang Mo stopped and asked in surprise, “Why are you still here? Isn’t the company busy at work?”

Mo Jingtian opened the rear door directly, “If I leave, how are you going to get back?”

So, he really stayed just to wait for her.

After Jiang Mo got in the car, Mo Jingtian also sat back, and she realized that the person in the driver’s seat originally had been replaced by Dong Lei. Who knew when he came here.

“Actually, I can take the subway back. You took over the company, shouldn’t there be a lot of things to do?” Jiang Mo whispered.

“It’s okay, I’m not busy.” Mo Jingtian replied.

Dong Lei lips twitched and he glanced at the thick folder in the co-pilot’s seat. Big boss, how can you talk nonsense without opening your eyes?

“Are you taking special care of me? Promoting me to a manager position, taking over Guan Yunyu, and this time seeing Producer Li, are these all back door opportunities you are making for me?” Jiang Mo stared at him, asking seriously.

Mo Jingtian is also serious, “Of course not. Xu Lili proposed you to be a manager. Since she didn’t have the energy to manage Guan Yunyu, the company will not waste artists in her hands. It’s just because you are very familiar with her situation, so it’s normal for you to take her in.”

“As for Producer Li, a large amount of capital has been injected into “Sing Your Heart Out” this time, and the show is definitely going to be hotter than the first season. Our company has a thousand things to do, so naturally, we have to send some trainees. I just provided the opportunity for you to meet him, and you succeeded because of your own ability.”

Mo Jingtian’s eyes softened. “I am a businessman and the purpose of a businessman is to make money. I am not a philanthropist. ”

Jiang Mo breathed a sigh of relief and her brows relaxed slightly. She didn’t want to owe others, “Don’t worry, I will definitely make a lot of money for you.”

Mo Jingtian rubbed her head, his eyes filled with tenderness where she couldn’t see.

As he drove the car, Dong Lei glanced at Mo Jingtian seating in the backseat. That man had painstakingly opened the back door for her, and did so without leaving any traces. Jiang Mo was convinced so easily! What a bowl of dog food!

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