Ch. 22: Gu Feihan, Save Me

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Something felt wrong and as she was about to investigate, a shadow suddenly pinned her on the bed. The scent of heavy alcohol was strong to the point that it was nauseating. 

From the bedside lamp light, she could make out the person’s face and it turned out to be the landlord’s son, “Help…save…uh…”

She wanted to yell, but the man covered her mouth. Qiao Yu desperately struggled, but how could her strength go against his. 

“Qiao Yu, you smell really good. And your face, it’s so tender,” the man said and burped, the smell of alcohol almost making her faint, “When I saw you for the first time, I wanted you. I endured it for so long. My mother asked if you could become mine, instead you refused.”

Qiao Yu couldn’t respond with him covering her mouth. Her heartbeats were like thunder and she tried to calm herself down. Against the helpless situation, she didn’t struggle on purpose and the man took this as submission and began to relax and reached to pull her clothes off. 

At that moment, Qiao Yu opened her mouth and bit the man. The man briefly let go and she began to run, but he immediately pulled her back, “You bitch, how dare you bite me!”

He then slapped her face so strong that her face immediately began to swell. The man seemed to suddenly feel uneasy since he pushed her to the bed and wrapped his hand around her neck to strangle her to death. 

Qiao Yu struggled to break his hand and it felt more in vain as it became harder to breath. Her consciousness was dim and a familiar face flashed across her vision, “Gu Feihan, save me…”

Before she could finish, the man on top of her suddenly fell straight down onto her motionless. She began to heave for air and once she was more conscious, she saw Gu Feihan beside her bed holding a stick as thick as a baseball bat. 

His face was terrifyingly menace and cold and his aura murderous. After a brief moment, he threw the stick to the ground and pulled the drunkard away from her and called the police. 

Qiao Yu was mortified by what had happened and curled on her knees at the foot of the bed, her body trembling. Gu Feihan poured a cup of hot water and sat down by the bed, then embraced her. Qiao Yu’s body was obviously stiff, but she didn’t push him away. 

The scent of Gu Feihan’s light cologne smell, gradually helped relax the strings in her heart, “You came…”

“Let’s take a look at you,” Gu Feihan said, looking at her body for injuries, “What happened?”

“He’s the landlord’s son. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I had woken up after hearing something and he was there,” she said looking at the man laying on the ground, clutching her fingers on Gu Feihan’s sleeve. 

Gu Feihan’s face suddenly darkened again, his face ready to kill. 

[T/N]: Oh, thank God it wasn’t Gu Feihan..and while I’m glad that he was there to save her, I want another moment of asking for forgiveness.

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