Ch. 43: Kneeling For Her

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“You are so naive. You thought I’d let you both go after you’ve done to humiliate me,” she wasn’t going to cooperate, and she suddenly laughed, “If it weren’t for you, I would not have fallen.”

“You are the one to blame,” Gu Feihan responded. 

Luo Xuan smiled, “Well then, Gu Feihan, if you want to save her…kneel down and kowtow to me. Apologize and I will let her go.”

Gu Feihan’s face paled and the veins on his forehead began to pop one by one from trying to suppress his anger.

“Hmmm…it seems that she’s not that important then. If you simply kneel down, then she’ll live. You want to save her yet you don’t want to be sincere.”

Luo Xuan grabbed Qiao Yu’s hair and placed the dagger on her face, “I will give you three seconds to think about it. If you don’t decide, I will destroy her face.”

The muscles on Gu Feihan’s face tightened. Qiao Yu tried to ignore the pain from her scalp and muttered, “Don’t believe her. She’s crazy.”

“Shut up!”

Luo Xuan was furious. She slammed Qiao Yu’s head onto a stone pillar.

“Stop,” Gu Feihan screamed, his expression mortified. 

“Ha! I see…”

Gu Feihan gritted his teeth. He’s a proud person and he’s never knelt down for anyone. 

“This was my fault…your situation. If you want revenge, punish me. Let her go. It’s none of her business.”

As long as Qiao Yu is safe, his dignity doesn’t matter. He only cares for her. 

“Do you think I’m stupid? As if I’d listen to you and obediently let her go,” Luo Xuan said sarcastically, “Stop talking nonsense. Kneel and apologize to me.”

Gu Feihan clenched his fist, but saw the knife had started to penetrate Qiao Yu’s cheeks–blood oozing out. He couldn’t stand it and he fell on his knees. Qiao Yu’s heart tightened from the sound and sight of Gu Feihan kneeling, and she started to cry. 

There was irony in the warm and affectionate look in Luo Xuan’s eyes. She started to laugh hysterically again and pointed a knife at Gu Feihan, “Beat him hard! Kill him!”


Qiao Yu shook her head and she hissed, her tears continued to flow down her cheeks, “Please, let him go.”

No one paid any attention to what she said and the men immediately hit Gu Feihan with a bat. He was defending himself instinctively until one man fell to the ground. 

“If you don’t stop, I will kill her,” Luo Xuan screamed and moved the dagger towards Qiao Yu’s neck, “Try me.”

[T/N]: Yo, this woman has gone batshit crazy. Please tell me Gu Feihan had a back-up plan. Also, can I just say that my heart panged a bit when Gu Feihan kneeled for Qiao Yu.

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