Ch. 44: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

There was a stalemate between the two and the air was quiet–their breaths ever so present. In the end, Gu Feihan decided to drop the bat to the ground. One of the men immediately pushed him to the ground. 

“Please stop fighting,” Qiao Yu kept repeating the sentence, blood spitting out of her mouth, tears still falling. She couldn’t count how many kicks and punches he had suffered as the two men continued to beat him until they were exhausted. His eyes started to close as if he was dying. 

Luo Xuan smiled a wicked smile as she watched the scene in front of her–the more she looked at it, the more she felt at peace as she kept hysterically laughing. 

The two men looked at the scene and one of them whispered to the other, “Let’s take our money and go quickly. If we stay here longer, I feel like it’ll become more of a problem. Especially if the police come.”

The two men were about to leave, but they saw Luo Xuan aim a gun, “If anyone dare leave now, I will shoot.”

“We’re all on the same boat, you can’t do things this way.”

“All I want is for you two to burn this place then leave.”

The warehouse used to be an oil storage facility and it wouldn’t be difficult to set it on fire. The two started the work and flames burst immediately. 

Both men immediately took the money and left, but Luo Xuan refused to leave and raised the pistol on Qiao Yu with a clear intent to kill her. 

“Bitch, go to hell,” she screamed. Qiao Yu thought she was dead, but instead she saw Gu Feihan pressing Luo Xuan on the ground. 


A stray bullet hit an oil tank and began to drip, fueling the fire even more. Gu Feihan was able to snatch the gun from Luo Xuan’s hand and immediately knocked her to the ground. 

Afterwards, he hurried to Quao Yu but couldn’t figure out how to break the chain. He went back to Luo Xuan to check her pockets, but couldn’t find a key. It was possible that the two men had the key, but they’ve already left. 

The flames grew bigger and bigger and pieces of wood and stone began to fall. 

“Gu Feihan, leave me. Go.”

“No, shut up,” he whispered, his eyes wept. He grabbed the gun again. 

[T/N]: OMG. OMG. Is this going to be a Romeo and Juliet kind of ending!? My poor heart!!

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