Ch. 42: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu felt a tingling sensation on her face, “What do you want?”

“I want you to die,” she screamed hysterically, “He clearly said that he didn’t like you, but when you left, he stopped looking at me. I was about to succeed and I would have become the wife of the president of Emperor. But I couldn’t, because of you!”

Qiao Yu didn’t respond. 

“After you left a year ago, Gu Feihan targeted me. Xue Zang kept tormenting for half a year. To get a good role, I had to fuck people. The director that did end up taking me was a pervert. I got addicted to drugs and it ruined my life.”

Luo Xuan spoke with excitement and Qiao Yu merely looked at her with a calm and cold face, “This is what you asked for.”

Luo Xuan responded by slapping her severely, and Qiao Yu coughed–her face quickly swelling, the corner of her mouth torn. 

“What do you want,” Qiao Yu asked, “If you really want me to die, just stab me to death. Why tie me?”

Luo Xuan sneered but said nothing. She ordered the two people guarding the door to call Gu Feihan and asked him to bring 50 million in cash to the broken warehouse alone, otherwise she would tear up the ticket. 

Gu Feihan asked to hear Qiao Yu’s voice and Luo Xuan. 

“Don’t come here, just call the police! Luo Xuan is crazy, she won’t let you go,” she screamed before one of the men hit her on the head with a fist. Qiao Yu screamed again before all she could hear was buzzing in her head. 

Luo Xuan reminded Gu Feihan that he only had three hours and he must bring the money to the designated place–if not, all he would have to collect is Qiao Yu’s body. 

Qiao Yu couldn’t understand what was being said, but noticed that Luo Xuan seemed to be in a good mood once she hung up the phone. 

“Do you remember when confidential information was leaked out?”

Gu Feihan hadn’t told her much information about what happened, but from what she gathered it seemed that the general manager of the technical department was behind something since he was suddenly suspended. 

“I did it. I wanted to give him another chance. As long as he married me, I would let it go. He disagreed and I was left to sell the information to his opponent. I wanted to see him defeated, but I didn’t expect that he’d survive.”

Luo Xuan sneered and held Qiao Yu’s face again, “Qiao Yu, why does he keep you in his heart–no matter what I do, he doesn’t have space for anyone else.”

“It’s because I’m not the type of person to hire someone to kill someone’s child,” Qiao Yu said, cutting off Luo Xuan. 

In response, Luo Xuan laughed in anger. There was a sudden change in the air, and she thrusted the switchblade into Qiao Yu’s shoulder blade. 

Her screams tore the air. 

Qiao Yu’s face was covered in cold sweat, her face more swollen–her skin so white as if no blood rushed through her veins. Luo Xuan thought that she was being too loud and ordered one of the men to block her mouth. 

Not knowing how long it had been, she heard someone outside and light shone on her face as someone pushed the dilapidated doors. The sudden intense light started to make her feel dizzy. 

It was Gu Feihan. He threw the box of money on the floor. His eyes were hardening, his body covered in ice the moment he saw Qiao Yu’s current state. 

“I’ve brought the money. Let her go.”

[T/N]: Okay, why is it that female leads have to go through so much. Ugh. We gotta change this trope. Maybe I’ll write a story?

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4 thoughts on “Ch. 42: Untitled

  1. besides changing the trope, I’d always question the FL’s stupidity. why can’t she ask people or security guards to follow her before meeting this witch? the FL clearly knows that the witch is insane and ruthless

    I won’t say anything if the witch is too cunning and her plan is flawless yet, this kind of thing shouldn’t happen

    and this happens in most C-novels *facepalm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorahanaaaaaaaa Im touched with your statement!! Those LFs are wayyyyy to shortminded (more polite way than stupid). That woman had been hostile since their first meeting and she still dare to meet her alone? Nice job being abducted there.

      Dear translator, please write a novel for us

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m with you on this .There was nothing positive in their interactions to sum up to Qiao Yu being this gullible.


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