Ch. 40: His Crisis

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

If someone had asked Gu Feihan to explain their situation, he felt as though he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly. He did feel guilty for the child, but he wasn’t being kind and loving to her because of the child. 

Even if the lost child was theirs, he believes he should listen. Should he lose, it would only be losing money. 

Qiao Yu looked at his face and noticed that he wasn’t in the best mood and she dared not say anything. She shrank and moved away from him. 

“Come closer,” he commanded after he caught a glimpse of her actions, but Qiao Yu shook her head and moved further. She didn’t know that this little act would anger a sleeping beast as Gu Feihan suddenly pulled her over by the arm and pressed her into the seat before kissing her. 

Qiao Yu stayed motionless and stiff. The powerless feeling of a fist hitting cottons spread throughout Gu Feihan’s body and he felt  headache begin to form, “Sometimes, I really just want to strangle you directly.”

Qiao Yu continued to be silent. She wasn’t angry because of what Luo Xuan said to her, but because he chose not to tell her about the meeting. 

Since the day of the banquet, Qiao Yu’s attitude towards him was obviously colder and Gu Feihan asked what was wrong several times, but she only answered with nothing and that it was okay. 

The company’s current situation didn’t help as the past two days, so many things went wrong–confidential information had been leaked and sold to a rival company; as a result, Gu Feihan lost several major customers. 

Dijue’s family was a big business and the loss wasn’t too bad, but a wave of unrest occurred. Some took the opportunity to spread rumors by saying things that the company’s products were defective, shoddy, and counterfeit. Gu Feihan was pushed to the forefront of the storm again and again. 

Qiao Yu could tell that he was busy. In order to deal with the multiple emergencies, several departments were forced to work overtime. Gu Feihan was constantly running around for various meetings and conferences–not to mention all meals and accomodations were at the company. 

It was another overnight overtime and Qiao Yu brought in freshly brewed coffee but felt that she shouldn’t give it to him.

“You should take a nap before continuing to work,” she said as she sorted through documents he had just finished. Moments later, she ushered him to lie down on the sofa but Gu Feihan lightly pulled her pretending to be pitiful and lay his head on her leg. 

Qiao Yu felt bad and agreed. Instead of taking a nap, he continued to be just there pulling her into a conversation, “What if I can’t make it this time around?”

“You think too much. It’s not a big deal. After so many years of heavy winds and waves, why should you be afraid of such a small setback?”

She stroked his hair, but they both knew in their hearts that things were not as simple this time. The stocks of the company showed this. 

“But this time I feel like I can’t make it anymore,” he reluctantly pulled to play rogue, “If I go bankrupt, you have to support me.”

[T/N]: Cute, I guess. Y’know, I wonder if Luo Xuan and the General Manager had something to do with this.

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