Ch. 14: The Kitchen is Incompatible with Me

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Jiang Mo was so frightened that the spatula in her hand fell directly onto the kitchen counter. By coincidence, it happened to hit the plate as it fell. As a result, he heard a crashing sound, and the plate fell onto the tile and broke to pieces.

Mo Jingtian’s face turned dark, and he rushed into the kitchen and quickly turned off the gas.

“Um, this is just an accident!” Jiang Mo explained with a guilty conscience.

Mo Jingtian’s face became darker, his whole body exuding anger, and he hugged her up directly. Jiang Mo was like a schoolgirl who made a mistake, and did not dare to say anything. She felt his steady heartbeat and even with such close contact and the faint smell of tobacco, she didn’t feel embarrassed.

Although Mo Jingtian’s face was not good, his movements were very gentle.

After putting Jiang Mo on the sofa, he immediately turned around, got the first aid kit, and then squatted on the ground to help her treat the wounds on her feet.

Jiang Mo’s skin is very white, the kind that was like it could be easily broken and the round ankles are cute and sexy. Now there are four or five wounds and scratches on it, with a little blood oozing.

Mo Jingtian held one of her feet in one hand and a cotton swab in the other. He bowed his head and wiped the blood stains on it earnestly. While wiping, he blew gently. The cool breath relieved the slightest pain.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment. The handsome man had a cold face, but he is extremely serious, as if those scratches are a cooperation case worth hundreds of millions.

The black hair hangs slightly, covering his deep eyes. Under the bright crystal lamp, the man’s tight back is clearly visible, and he is nervous.

“In fact, nothing happened, it was scratched by the debris.” Jiang Mo explained.

Mo Jingtian raised his head, “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“With such a small injury?” Jiang Mo said nonchalantly. Compared with before, this is simply tickling.

“Girl, you can live a little more delicately. I don’t want you to be injured, it’s not good at all.” Mo Jingtian was calm, but extremely serious.

Jiang Mo suddenly felt hot in her heart, spreading along her blood and throughout her body, especially the ankle he was holding.

She has not received such care for a long time.

“I’m sorry. I called you back, but I didn’t make the meal, and yesterday, I came back late from work, so can I trouble you to cook dinner.”

Jiang Mo quickly changed the subject.

Mo Jingtian finally let go of her feet and sat down beside her, holding her wrist, the scratches on the fingers and the scalds on the back of her hand made his brows frown even tighter.

“We are husband and wife, we don’t need to be so polite and you don’t need to apologize for this trivial matter. Also, it’s not a big deal not to know how to cook. I am married a wife and not a chef.”

Jiang Mo’s face flushed, “What about breakfast and dinner?”

Mo Jingtian sighed helplessly, put down the cotton swab in his hand, and looked up at her, “Have you been worried about this?”

Jiang Mo nodded, a little embarrassed, “We are married after all. Isn’t it the wife’s responsibility to cook? However, I really am not good at this.”

Then she quickly explained, “Actually, I learn everything very quickly. I just made it according to the recipe just now, but the kitchen is not compatible with me.”

Mo Jingtian held back his smile and looked at her serious appearance, only nodding and saying yes, “It’s all the kitchen’s fault.”

Jiang Mo couldn’t help but smile after listening to such a coaxing tone, feeling that her attempt to save face was a bit naïve.

Mo Jingtian got up and rubbed her head, “Don’t touch let water touch the wound. Stay here and eat for a while.”

T/N: Can I just say their inteaction at the end is just too cute. I love that she blames it on the kitchen and he just goes along with it.

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