Ch. 31: Stay Away From That Woman

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Gu Feihan held her close and wanted to keep quiet, but he couldn’t help but say, “In the future, stay away from that woman. If you really can’t avoid it, remember not to believe what she says.”

Qiao Yu bit her lip—maybe it was because of what he had said, but she felt less resistance in her heart for him. Still, she doesn’t think that she could start over with him…pretending as if nothing happened. 

After all, the truth of the matter is that he didn’t treat her properly for two years and he took Luo Xuan home to make her angry. For that matter, she lost a child. 

“Gu Feihan.”

“I’m here.”

Qiao Yu squeezed his hand and looked up at him, “These three months, let’s have a good time together like an ordinary couple and make up for the time we lost before. But after that, let’s let go of our grievances and let go of each other, okay?”

Gu Feihan’s body stiffened and after a long moment sighed, “Okay.”

The next day was the beginning of the weekend and Gu Feihan didn’t have to work, so he pushed back his schedule and insisted on staying at home with her. 

At first, the air between them was cold and Gu Feihan felt as if he shouldn’t say a word to her. At noon, he decided to make noise by cooking something for her. Qiao Yu was afraid that he would burn the kitchen and so she followed him to have a look until the doorbell rang. 

She went to open the door, “Qingyu.”

She wanted to ask him why he came, but Lu Qingyu–stunned–said, “You really are here.”

Lu Qingyu went to see her in the countryside, but when he got there she was gone. The neighbor told him that she had followed her back. He immediately guessed it was Gu Feihan and drove back immediately. 

Although he tried to say his last statement calmly, Qiao Yu could tell that he was angry. 

“What happened was…”

She wanted to explain, but Lu Qingyu didn’t want to listen and grabbed her hand to drag her, “Come with me.”

Qiao Yu was trying to resist and trotted behind him. As they approached the gate, she used up all her strength and pulled back, “Wait a minute, Qingyu, I can’t go with you.”

“Have you forgotten how he treated you in the first please? Your child wouldn’t have died and now you’re here. Are you stupid,” he asked, his voice full of hatred as strong as iron and steel. 

Qiao Yu didn’t know what to say. Lu Qingyu tried to pull her again, but fought back.

“I owe him a large sum of money and promised to stay with him for three months to repay it. He promised me that once it’s over, he will let me go and never disturb me again.”

Lu Qingyu was full of rage–he saw her decision as stupid. The three-month period was clearly a method that Gu Feihan was using to keep her. If she stayed at the house, she may never leave. 

He angrily let go of her hands, “How much do you owe him? I will help you pay it back.”

[T/N]: I usually get second lead syndrome, but definitely not for Lu Qingyu.

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