Ch. 30: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

After agreeing to move in, Qiao Yu asked the housekeeper to have someone send her things to the guest room—where she’ll be staying temporarily. 

There was hesitance in the way the housekeeper reacted and darted her eyes towards Gu Feihan who was flipping through a magazine.

“Send her things to the master bedroom, she will be staying with me.”

“Yes, sir,” the housekeeper responded and left.

“Gu Feihan, I Think it’s better for us to keep our distance,” Qiao Yu said. 

“You promised that these three months you’d listen to me,” he responded calmly. 

Qiao Yu felt like digging a hole and burying herself—living in the same room means sharing the same bed. 

That night, Gu Feihan held Qiao Yu in his arms. She tried to fall asleep but couldn’t.

“The housekeeper told me that you left Luo Xuan. Why?”

“There is no reason. I just wanted to leave,” he replied back indifferently as if Luo Xuan had been an insignificant stranger, “I didn’t do anything with her.”

Qiao Yu thought to herself that she was not stupid. If he didn’t do anything with her, how would she have conceived a child. 

As if Gu Feihan could tell that she was about to break from his hug, he held her tighter and deliberately pressed his face against her face.

“Gu Feihan, don’t do this…”

Qiao Yu’s face was flushed and she couldn’t help but curl her body. He pulled her back closer to him, “Did you know…I waited for you at your house that night.”

“When,” she responded, stunned. 

“It was the night before the accident,” he laughed to himself, “In fact, I already regretted letting you sign the divorce agreement at the time. I wanted you to go back to me and give birth to the child. I wasn’t expecting an encounter with the debt collectors. I was afraid something would happen to you and so I decided to pay it.”

“You didn’t return that night. I looked for you everywhere, but the next day when you came back with Lu Qingyu…and heard that you stayed with him all night. I was mad. So, I pushed you away.”

Qiao Yu was stunned. She never knew these things. She had thought that he hated her and her child, so he pushed her down the stairs. 

“But, even if it was an accident when I fell down the stairs, how could you send someone to hit me with a car,” she asked, fear and anger visible in her voice, “At that time, if Lu Qingyu wasn’t there—even if I wasn’t dead—I’d be disabled. How could you do that?”

“What makes you think I hired someone,” Gu Feihan responded, clearly shocked. 

“Luo Xuan told me that you wanted me not to have the child.”

“Luo Xuan,” he exclaimed fiercely, the intent of killing fashed in his eyes. 


“It’s okay. Go to sleep,” he could feel her fear and he let himself calm down.

“But I want to know…”

“I never wanted you to abort the child nor did I hire anyone to hit you with a car.”

[T/N]: Misunderstandings…not gonna lie, not my favorite trope. Then, why did I translate this? It’s because it’s the first novel I’m translating and editing and I was looking for a short one. There, I admitted it. 

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5 thoughts on “Ch. 30: Untitled

  1. Haha maybe you can try a bit longer novel as your second novel. Well I like the misunderstanding because we can see the regret and grovel scenes lollll especially if the misunderstanding is solved early on and the grovelling and regret parts come in a looooooong way chapters after


  2. Gu Feihan being jealous and angry doesn’t mean it’s ok to push a pregnant woman. WHO’S PREGNANT WITH UR CHILD. He’s really dumb for someone considered as smart. Smh


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