Ch. 29: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“He was doing well in school, why would he transfer? Also, what did I do to provoke you that you requested for me to be expelled from the school?”

She was irritated, but Gu Feihan’s response was the opposite, “It’s too far. It’s not convenient.”

“It’s not far, the new house I rented is near the school.”

“I helped you by withdrawing you from the school. Starting today, move back in and live here,” he continued to say, still completely calm. He pushed a piece of pastry into her open mouth.

“If you want to work, I need a secretary. You can report to the company any time.”

Qiao Yu reached a conclusion that this man must not understand people. 

“I’ll say it once more, I don’t want to live here,” her attitude continued to be firm and there was no room for negotiation, “We’d better go and get the divorce certificate. I don’t plan on seeing you again in the future.”

Gu Feihan did not speak and motioned for someone to bring a document. It was the IOU for ten million with her and her father’s signature. Qiao Yu couldn’t help but widen her eyes, “Why do you have this?”

“The loan shark went to your apartment and I covered the cost,” Gu Feihan looked at her, a smile forming on his face, “Ten million is not a small amount. How are you going to settle this amount?”

She continued to hold the IOU and her heart panged. She didn’t know what to say. The reason she chose to hide in the country was not just from wanting to see him, but also to avoid the debt collectors. She thought things had gone too smoothly from time to time, but she didn’t know it was him who’d helped and paid her debt. Ten million wasn’t a small amount and she didn’t know what to say. 

“I am not a person who makes business decisions based on losing. If you say, you can forget the accounts. If you go, you have to pay what you owe…”

Qiao Yu continued to be silent. If she could come up with such a large amount, she would not have ran away.

“So, you want me to sell myself for ten million,” she asked sarcastically. 

Gu Feihan sensed her dissatisfaction and sighed, “What I want is for you to give me another chance—to give our feelings another chance. I only need three months. If you still want to leave, I will agree to getting our divorce notarized. But within these three months, you must trust me.”

He didn’t want to make matters worse. The three-month period was the biggest compromise he could give. 

Qiao Yu didn’t say anything, but she could tell it was clearly a compromise. She thought that it was only three months and once it’s over, things will be settled and everything will be done. 

She learned that her brother was staying with Gu Feihan’s mother.

[T/N]: For a second there I thought Gu Feihan wasn’t going to compromise and I thought to myself that this is not the way to deal with this. Phew!

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