Ch. 9: My Husband Teases Too Much

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

“Where are we going? I still have work.” Jiang Mo turned around and asked.

“It’s lunch time now.”

“Big boss, you have an employee who really loves work. Why is lunch important?” Jiang Mo said solemnly. At this time, her embarrassment of Mo Jingtian changing her pajamas had long been forgotten.

“Aside from being my employee, you are also my wife. Are you going to let me have lunch by myself?” Mo Jingtian asked, turning his head.

His dark phoenix eyes are calm, but they left people unable to refuse.

Regarding her identity as a married person, Jiang Mo will always forget that accompanying her husband to eat and what not is simply not a choice.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any experience as a wife,” said Jiang Mo in a low voice.

Mo Jingtian reached out and rubbed her head with a smile in his eyes, “We are a couple and a family, no need to apologize. I don’t have any experience as a husband. For the rest of my life, please advise me.”

Jiang Mo froze. For the rest of your life?

For a flash marriage, she never held a long-term attitude. But he even said the rest of his life!

A lifetime of companionship, no longer alone for the rest of your life. Being able to walk hand in hand with someone through the wind and the rain is beautiful and moving.

(T/L note: Walk through the wind and rain means face trials and hardships.)

However, Jiang Mo is not a little girl anymore. It’s just talk- don’t take it seriously. If you believe it, you’ve already lost.

Noting Jiang Mo’s expression, Mo Jingtian could only sigh inwardly, but he was not in a hurry. He had time and patience.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived at a small shop that looked very ordinary. It was evident that it was inconsistent with Mo Jingtian’s high-end suit.

Mo Jingtian pulled out a chair for her. “The medicinal meal here is very famous and tastes good. You are too thin and need to be nourished.”

So, did he come here specifically for her?

Jiang Mo was absent-minded again, and she had found that since yesterday, she was often absent-minded or distracted.

“Eat while it’s hot, didn’t you say you still have work in the afternoon?” Mo Jingtian got up and filled a bowl with black chicken soup and handed it to her.

Jiang Mo said nothing, took the soup bowl and drank quietly.

Mo Jingtian is dressed in a black suit, and his movements are extremely elegant. The decent table manners are similar to those of aristocrats in ancient times. Jiang Mo looked a little dumbfounded when she looked at him. He was too handsome. That face of his really exceeded her aesthetic standards.

“Don’t be stunned, I’ll take you to a place after we eat.” Mo Jingtian said.

Jiang Mo’s cheeks were reddish, and she suddenly lowered her head to drink the soup, and the meal was quickly finished.

“I really have work to do and I can’t waste any more time.” Jiang Mo didn’t want to go with him to other places. She just wanted to get into work immediately.

Mo Jingtian didn’t say anything. He left the restaurant and walked to the cafe next to it.

Jiang Mo quickly caught up, “It is time to work. Now, I am a small employee, not your wife and you are the big boss, not my husband. I should work hard.”

Mo Jingtian stopped and turned to ask. “I’m not what?”

“Husband.” Jiang Mo said subconsciously. She then realized what she had said and her cheeks became slightly hot.

Mo Jingtian smiled softly, and said softly, “Say it again.”

Jiang Mo blushed and glared at him, not speaking.

This extremely cute look and the calm appearance in the company seems like two people. This is her original appearance and Mo Jingtian’s lips swayed with a gentle smile.

He walked over to Jiang Mo and put his hands on her shoulders, motioning her to look at the cafe.

On the coffee table by the window, a man is tasting coffee leisurely.

Jiang Mo’s eyes lit up, “Mr. Li? How do you know I’m looking for him?”

Mo Jingtian leaned slightly closer to her ear and whispered, “The husband and wife are one body, so, naturally, their hearts are connected.”

His warm breath and the deep, intoxicating voice could tease and mess with a person’s state of mind.

Jiang Mo’s earlobe suddenly turned red and the blush spread to the fair skin on her neck. She only felt that her cheeks were hot and her ears were burning.

“I… I’m going to work.” She fled towards the coffee shop with the gentle laugh from the man floating into her ear.

TL Note: Again, I really am liking Mo Jingtian. I wonder if he fell for his wife way before they met on their blind dates.

Me when Mo Jingtian is being an adorable husband:

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Also, full disclosure- I’ve been slacking on translating (sorry). I am working on chapter 10, which means there may not be a release on Friday if I don’t get it done. I may take next week to work on some chapters in advance. Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.💖 Mo Jingtian is so into Jiang Mo that he’s cute.😍 And he seems quite devoted to her. I get the impression the flash marriage was “flash” only on her side.🥰

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