Ch. 19: He is Her Man

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Remember what had happened with her baby, Qiao Yu felt a pain in her chest that kept getting worse, making it difficult for her to breathe.

“I really don’t know you, please let me go or I will call out for help.”

“Qiao Yu…,” Gu Feihan wanted to explain himself, but suddenly felt a pang of pain. Qiao Yu had bit his wrist and ran to the elevator. 

By the time Gu Feihan reached the front of the hospital, he saw her get in a white Mercedes-Benz and the car drove quickly away, disappearing into his sight. 

After getting in the car, Qiao Yu realized she didn’t grab her handbag–most of the things in the bag were trivial, but a few kinds of documents were quite important. 

“Agh, forget it, I really don’t want to see that person again,” she said to herself then sighed. She thought that one year was enough to forget him, but when they met again she realized it wasn’t enough. It felt like everything that had happened between them happened only yesterday. 

Lu Qingyu initially intended to stay with her, but a call from the hospital came and said that one of his patient’s conditions suddenly deteriorated and he went back immediately after dropping Qiao Yu at the station to let them go by train. 

For the sake of convenience, she rented a house near the school where she taught. The landlord’s wife was a middle-aged woman around her 40s or 50s. After she returned, she caught up with the landlord’s wife and told her she couldn’t pay the rent until the next day since she’ll have to go to the bank first since she had left her bag. 

When the landlord’s wife went out, she met a kid at the door holding a cat and couldn’t help but quip, “What little brother, I think it was the wild seeds she had planted with a wild man outside, and it was to hide from the eyes of others that it was said that it was a younger brother.”

Qiao Yu said nothing, pretending not to hear it. 

Early the next morning, after collecting the rent, she refused to leave and stayed by Qiao Yu as she watered flowers by the door, “Girl, I think it’s time to find a man who will be entrusted with your life. Auntie has a son, the same age as you, you see…”

She didn’t continue to speak, but Qiao Yu understood what she meant and politely refused, “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t have plans to get married.”

Almost everyone in the neighborhood knew that her son, who was also divorced, did not say anything just ate, drank, and gambled. It was said that his ex-wife left because she was unable to bear his drunkenness and domestic violence. 

“Why would you not get married, how can you live without a man in the family. When you get old, you’ll be worthless.”

“Auntie, I really don’t mean that now, come back late,” she said impatiently, trying to get the old woman to leave. 

“Bah! It’s shameful to pretend to be high and mighty, but take a wild seed. It’s shameful to pick and choose.”

Qiao Yu turned to start scolding the old lady but was stopped when a familiar voice came from behind, “Who said there is no man in this family?”

[T/N]: What a rude woman…mind your own business. And, come on, no surprise there…that has to be Gu Feihan.

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