Ch. 8: Competition is Everywhere

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

The vocal music classroom.

After the lesson, Guan Yunyu saw her agent, who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Sister Xu.” She hurried forward with anticipation in her eyes. Xu Lili had not given her any notifications for a whole month, not even the most basic activities.

“Before, your ability was not good and you needed to improve. Thus, I didn’t arrange work for you. Recently, I saw that your strength has improved a lot. For the sake of our relationship, I wanted to let you participate in a singer’s talent show. It is ‘Sing Your Heart Out.’ The first season has been quite a hit!”

Xu Lili said with a smile.

Guan Yunyu was surprised, “Sister Xu, I’m really thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me. Alas, your luck is really bad.” Xu Lili sighed regretfully. “You should be familiar with the fact that you are not my entertainer anymore. Plus, there is no chance of that being assigned to Jiang Mo, who was just promoted.”

She patted Guan Yunyu’s shoulder with sympathy as she spoke.

Guan Yunyu’s face was as pale as paper. She is 22 years old and had been in the industry for three years, but she didn’t have any opportunities. A chance appeared, but this was the result.

When Jiang Mo came over, she saw such a scene. She furrowed her brows slightly, but she didn’t expect Xu Lili to use such a petty trick.

“Oh, you came here so quickly. I hope you can work hard to make up for your lack of strength. With this, we’re done here. Guan Yunyu is under your care in the future,” Xu Lili said, full of ridicule. She didn’t give Jiang Mo a chance to even open her mouth before she turned her back and left.

I want to see how you’ll produce results if the artist won’t cooperate! Xu Lili sneered slightly.

“I think you’re lucky.” Jiang Mo said suddenly.

Guan Yunyu sneered, “It’s lucky to lose the opportunity of ‘Sing Your Heart Out’?”

Jiang Mo didn’t comfort her and poison to fight poison. “Isn’t it lucky to have an independent agent? One that will spend all their energy on you alone, pulling resources for only you, and looking for endorsements only for you?”

Guan Yunyu was a little dumbfounded while her eyelashes were still wet from her tears.  She looked at her in amazement and at this time she suddenly realized that, although they were acquaintances in the last three years, she had never really seemed to understand the assistant- no, she is a manager now.

“You have been in the circle for three years. Why are you so naive? Do you believe whatever others say? When did Xu Lili treat you so well and find resources specifically for you? However, she’s not too busy to manage Qin Yuan and Liu Cheng.”

Jiang Mo continued to mend the rift caused by Xu Lili.

Guan Yunyu stood up and patted her cheeks with both hands, as if to clear her mind. “Happy cooperation!”

Jiang Mo smiled softly. “Happy cooperation.”

That unique voice, coupled with a smile on her face, is bright and moving, and she is extremely confident. Guan Yunyu was stunned for a while. This agent is a little too beautiful.

Xu Lili came to set up obstacles, but Jiang Mo resolved them in a few sentences.

However, Red Satellite TV’s “Sing Your Heart Out” is indeed a good opportunity.

On her first official day as a manager, Jiang Mo began to fight for resources for her artists.

Who would have imagined that just as she left the company, a low-key business car parked directly beside her.

Jiang Mo frowned slightly. The car window had rolled down and a handsome profile appeared in front of her eyes.

“Get in the car.”

“Don’t.” Jiang Mo rejected as she carefully looked around. This is the front entrance of the company. If her colleagues saw this, there would be a lot of gossip.

“Do you want me to fulfill my spousal obligations, open the door for you, and ask you to get in the car?” Mo Jingtian smiled and asked seriously.

In the next second, Jiang Mo moved faster than a rabbit. She opened the door, got in the car and shut the door, all in one go.

Mo Jingtian smiled on the lips, and the car drove out.

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