Ch. 18: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Lu Qingyu had sent Qiao Yu to the countryside as he felt that it would be a good place to relax. This resulted in her not wanting to leave and decided that she would stay there as an ordinary village teacher. 

One Year Later

Lu Qingyu went to visit Qiao Yu to relay the news that Qiao Zhengnan was seriously ill and that he will likely die soon, and his last wish had been to see her before he passed away. 

Qiao Yu thought about it for a long time and finally decided to take her brother back with her to City A, the place she thought she would never go back to in her life. 

Looking at the sickened Qiao Zhengan lying on the hospital bed, Qiao Yu felt as if all her grudges would disappear along with the wind. Soon after, she walked out of the ward and had entered the elevator as Gu Feihan turned into the hallway. Gu Feihan had received the same news and he expected that Qiao Yu would see her father one last time. 

In the elevator Lu Qingyu asked Qiao Yu, “Where do you want to get next? You haven’t been here for more than a year, do you want to go around?”

“No,” she answered, “I still have class tomorrow so I have to hurry back as soon as possible.”

The city didn’t leave her any positive memories so she would buy what she needed and leave. 

“Years have passed, why do you still need to escape,” Lu Qingyu asked, looking at her while his eyes scrunched, “You can learn to start your life again and enter a new relationship. Qiao Yu, actual, I…”

“Qingyu,” she guessed what he wanted to say and had to interrupt him, “Don’t say it.”

“I will wait for you and wait for you to accept me,” Lu Qingyu responded before pursing his lips. 

After coming out of the elevator, Qiao Yu found that she had left her handbag in the ward. She told her brother to go to the car with Lu Qingyu while she went back to get her bag.

What she didn’t expect was encountering Gu Feihan inside the room. Their eyes met and she suddenly froze.

“Qiao Yu…,” Gu Feihan lightly called her name, but she seemed to see the beast from the past and turned her head then ran away. 

In a hurry, she collided with a doctor passing by. Staggering a few steps back, she almost fell to the ground but Gu Feihan–who was trying to catch her–quickly helped her, “Are you alright?”

Qiao Yu didn’t say anything, but her body shook, not knowing whether it was because of fear or resentment. 

Gu Feihan apologized to the doctor and as soon as the doctor left, he immediately embraced her in his arms as if he had found a treasure that had been lost and found, “You’re finally back, I thought you would hide from me all your life. Qiao Yu, don’t go away.”

There was a slight tremble and pleading in his voice. Qiao Yu felt his heart beating.

“Let me go,” Qiao Yu screamed and Gu Feihan immediately felt an indescribable pain spread throughout his body. 

She withdrew from his arms, “Sir, you probably have the wrong person. I don’t know you.”

She turned her head away, but Gu Feihan caught her wrist, “I know you are still angry at me. I’m sorry. What happened to the baby. I’m sorry, I know I’m horrible.”

[T/N]: I dunno about you, but I want more apology scenes. But that’s just me.

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  1. Qingyu is an idiot.He did so many things the wrong way in their past. I don’t know if she will let go of her disappointment from those two years and the Bi%%% that staged his play to push her out of his life.It’s going to take a LOT of actions and apologies.

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