Ch. 7: President Mo, You’re Being Rejected

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

“Huh?” Jiang Mo turned around blankly, before returning to her senses.

“Yesterday, I didn’t return to our room to sleep. Are you upset because I disappointed you?” Mo Jingtian asked again.

“No, no, no!” Jiang Mo shook her head repeatedly as the tips of her ears suddenly turned red. As if she was that thirsty! Although, he really is a feast for the eyes.

Mo Jingtian eyes had a hint of a smile, “Then why didn’t you say anything this morning?”

“I…I…I simply want to look after an artist, that’s all.” Jiang Mo casually found a reason to evade the question.

“Who do you like?” Mo Jingtian asked quietly.

“Guan Yunyu, it’s just that she is now following Sister Xu. Although Sister Xu doesn’t care about her, Sister Xu is also well-known in the industry. Even a small amount of her resources is enough for Guan Yunyu to be happy. How could she be willing to follow me as a newcomer?”

Jiang Mo was a little frustrated as she looked out of the window helplessly, but her eyes were still full of an indestructible fighting spirit.

Mo Jingtian’s eyes flickered slightly and he reached and rubbed her head. A faint warmth spread in the car.

“Park here,” Jiang Mo said suddenly. “I can get off at this intersection.”

Mo Jingtian’s face was dark, but he nodded when he received Dong Lei’s inquiry.

Jiang Mo sprang out of the car like a rabbit, waved her hand toward the car, and walked into the crowd of people at work.

“Big boss, you’re being rejected?” Dong Lei asked in surprise.

“Our relationship must be kept secret in the company.” Mo Jingtian was a little depressed.

Sure enough, it was rejection. Dong Lei couldn’t help but admire Jiang Mo secretly.

“Notify the personnel department and assign Guan Yunyu to Jiang Mo.” Mo Jingtian continued.

“Isn’t Guan Yunyu’s contract period already over? Yesterday, wasn’t it said that we weren’t spending resources on her?” Dong Lei asked.

Then he received a sharp look and shut his mouth immediately.

When Jiang Mo first arrived at the company, Xu Lili met her with a mocking look. “Congratulations. You have finally become an agent, but not everyone can do it. I hope you can find a talented artist.”

Jiang Mo just smiled back, “Thank you.”

Xu Lili felt as if she had punched cotton. Her chest was full of anger and her words become increasingly rude. “I really admire you, an infamous artist, who was involved in that kind of scandal. You still have the guts to be in this circle and you want to be an agent. Do you want to use your successful experience to bring an entertainer?”

Jiang Mo’s face was pale, her expression stiffened, she clenched her fists tightly, and her heart was twisted in pain.

Once, she was also one of those shining stars. She was just like those who worked hard to pursue her dreams. However, just as she started to shine, she had fallen just as quick; and the one who gave her the hardest blow was her closest person.

When she finally saw the change in Jiang Mo’s facial expression, and saw that it was no longer easy-going, Xu Lili showed a happy smile.

“Sister Xu, your subordinate, Guan Yunyu, has been given to Mo Mo. This assignment is the strict instructions from the higher ups.” Tong Tong pretended to be surprised and raised her voice. The whole office area had clearly heard it.

Xu Lili’s face changed abruptly and her smile was swept away.

“Indeed, I’ve really borrowed from Sister Xu. Nevertheless, I’ve really got a promising artist. I’ll ask Sister Xu to take care of me in the future.” Jiang Mo recovered to her usual self and smiled lightly. She was, once again, the invincible Jiang Mo.

Xu Lili clenched her teeth hard, glared at her, and suddenly turned to leave.

Jiang Mo turned her head and gave Tong Tong a thankful look. Tong Tong raised her chin and playfully winked.

Jiang Mo returned to her place, looked at the system files issued by the personnel department. The new boss took office and started to reorganize the company. The  meeting was just completed yesterday, and he issued the order today. Guan Yunyu wasn’t the only change, as a few second-line artists also changed managers.

However, it was a bit strange that Guan Yunyu was handed over to a newbie like her.

Mo Jingtian’s handsome face suddenly flashed in Jiang Mo’s head. Was he helping her in the dark?

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