Ch. 6: Being Seen Through

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

Inexplicably, Jiang Mo felt guilty, but nevertheless, nodded her head vigorously.

Mo Jingtian sighed and had no choice but to compromise.

“I’ll wash the dishes, you can go first.” Jiang Mo, who had obtained his agreement,  immediately started to clean up the dishes and hurried into the kitchen.

Mo Jingtian’s eyes were too sharp. With just a glance, it felt as if he could see through her.

As long as the outsiders do not know about their marriage, even if the two divorce, she can still work in the company without any influence.

In the end, her main reason for proposing a hidden marriage was simply to leave a way out for herself.

Although Jiang Mo doesn’t have spectacular cooking skills, she is capable enough to wash the dishes.

However, as soon as she came out of the kitchen after tidying up, she suddenly found that there was an extra person in the house standing by the coffee table, holding a stack of documents in his hand.

“My big boss, is that you? You delayed important business matters, to just go home and eat. What’s so delicious at home that you dropped so much work to come back?”

Dong Lei began to complain.

Jiang Mo was speechless as she looked at Mo Jingtian, who was looking over the documents. He came back to have dinner with her and he personally cooked. Was she a bit incompetent?

As someone with no prior experience, Jiang Mo really doesn’t know how to be a wife. Should she take the time to learn how to cook?

“Who are you standing for? This is Dong Lei. You two met at the company today. He knows about us.” Mo Jingtian stood up from the sofa, yet his voice was gentle.

Jiang Mo came out and nodded at Dong Lei, greeting him.

Dong Lei raised his eyes and nodded.

“I still have some work to do. There are cherries in the refrigerator. Don’t go to bed too early and beware of indigestion and stomach aches.” Mo Jingtian said softly.

Jiang Mo nodded appreciatively. It was only when she was left alone in the living room that she returned to her senses. She hasn’t heard these kinds of trivial reminders in a long time and she’s missed them.

She opened the refrigerator and found a tray of round, bright red cherries, still wet with sparkling drops of water. As Jiang Mo carried the fruit tray, her mind was preoccupied. How did he know that she loves cherries?

Is it a coincidence?

The two men in the study didn’t finish their work until midnight.

When the pair came out of the study, the lights in the living room were still on. On the carpet by the floor-to-ceiling windows, Jiang Mo had fallen asleep with her upper body resting on the small round table. The screen on the laptop was still shining, showing that she had just fallen asleep.

“Sigh. Why must you work so hard?” Mo Jingtian whispered softly. He stepped forward and picked her up.

The petite and thin body had almost no weight. Mo Jingtian furrowed his brows and was very distressed. He pondered about what delicious food he should make in the future to raise her up.

Early the next morning.

Ring ding ring ding!

As the alarm sounded on time, Jiang Mo suddenly tossed the blanket aside and sat up. She turned her head to look at the time. Since it was only eight o’clock, she took her time tidying up.

After bathing, she opened her closet only to widen her eyes in surprise. Her sight landed on the familiar pajamas that hung in the closet, then on her body…

Jiang Mo was completely awake now. Last night, she had been looking through the artists’ profiles in the living room. How did she get back to the room? And how did these pajamas end up on her?

Aside from her, there is only Mo Jingtian in the room. Could it be…

“Wash your hands and come eat.” Mo Jingtian said gently as he skillfully moved his chopsticks.

Jiang Mo’s face was slightly red, and even her favorite soup dumplings couldn’t save her mood. Her naked body was seen while she was unaware. Inexplicably, she felt a little embarrassed.

She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she was didn’t realize what Mo Jingtian had said and was swindled into going to work together in his car.

Inside the car was very quiet. In the back seat, Mo Jingtian had a file in his hand, but he couldn’t read a word. Jiang Mo was too quiet, making him a little uncomfortable.

Mo Jingtian broke the silence asking, “Are you angry?”

TL Note: Let me say this again. Somebody give me my own Mo Jingtian!

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