Ch. 16: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu had been awake for two days, but the moment she learned she had lost the child she was caught in a daze the whole time. She was depressed and didn’t want to talk. And when she did speak, tears would begin rolling down her face. She didn’t want to see people and Gu Feihan didn’t bother her. 

Sitting quietly outside during the day waiting for Qiao Yu to fall asleep at night, Gu Feihan would sneak in and hold her hand in silence. She looked as if she was shrouded in suffocating despair in regret. The housekeeper came several times to try and persuade him to take a rest until he finally left with a sigh. 

Within a few days of the accident, she had lost weight all around and looked completely haggard. 

One night, three days later, Qiao Yu received a call on her cell phone. Since she was asleep, Gu Feihan answered. It was the police station letting her know that they had seized Qiao Zhengnan after he tried to sneak in with a fake identity; therefore, he needed to be picked up. 

Gu Feihan went to visit Qiao Zhengnan at the detention room and the hatred in his heart grew wildly. He felt a murderous intent forming in him, but he quickly collected himself. 

“You took all her property and you left her with a ten million debt. Have you thought about how she was affected by these people,” he asked rhetorically, “Are you even a human being? For letting your daughter hurt so much.” 

“Didn’t you want to divorce her? You didn’t want to give it another chance after she came back to beg you, why are you pretending to care now?”

Qiao Zhengnan looked at him with a sneer, full of sarcasm, and then gradually hysterical anger, “I am her father. I raised her for 20 years. She should have paid me back. She deserves the debt.”

Gu Feihan saw him as shameless. Too lazy to argue, he took out slivers of paper that had been torn and put them on the table, “That ten million, I’ve paid it and I see it as me buying out her relationship from you. From now on, I will not let her have any problems related to you again. In addition, I have evidence for all the things you have done. You will be in prison for the rest of your life.”

The expression on Qiao Zhengnan’s face changed from shock to anger and then silence. Gu Feihan took a turn to go out and Qiao Zhengnan shouted at him, “Remember the reception two years ago? I told her that you weren’t feeling well and that you were resting in her room. It was me who gave you the medicine that day. It was also me who told the reports so you would be forced to marry her. And she knew nothing about this.”

Gu Feihan clenched his fist. When we walked out of the police station, it was raining outside, a haze in the sky. It resembled his mood. 

Qiao Yu had tried to explain to him before, but he refused to listen. In retaliation, he didn’t show her affection since the first day of their wedding. He couldn’t imagine how Qiao Yu lived these two years. 

For the first time, Gu Feihan felt like a scum. 

He stood in the rain for a long time, remembering Qiao Yu’s words while she lay on the hospital bed. His phone suddenly rang and it was the housekeeper panicking. She said that Qiao Yu was gone. 

[T/N]: I didn’t really have anything to say about this chapter. Hi! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Ch. 16: Untitled

  1. I wanna say it again, there’s no medicine for regret dude. You had the chance but you never appreciate it. Like how you bought her relationship with her father with your money, you bought out your relationship with her miscarriage. Don’t ever try to hold her hands again hmph!

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  2. The level of immaturity here is unbelievable.the father and the son in law have similar problems. Let’s hope that Qiao Yu is able to get her life together without either of them.


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