Ch. 4: Big Boss Stands Up to Protect

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

“President Mo is so handsome! He is more handsome than Liu Cheng!”

“Hey, hey, there is no comparability at all? Liu Cheng is a teen idol while President Mo is mature and restrained, exuding pheromones all over.”

“I wonder if President Mo is married? Such a good-looking man is simply the perfect husband! Whoever marries President Mo definitely saved the world in the past!”

The office area was full of whispers that Mo Jingtian’s appearance made the young, single women experience a taste of spring.

Jiang Mo practically buried her head behind the computer. If these people were to know that she was the one who saved the world in her previous life, the consequences would definitely be unimaginable.

“Jiang Mo, go to the meeting room. The president is looking for you.” said Dong Lei. The office area suddenly became quiet and Jiang Mo suddenly became the focus of everyone.

Tong Tong clenched her both hands into fists, pressed them against her cheek, and looked at her in shock with her head tilted, mouthing: Take down the president! Come on!

With black lines on her face, Jiang Mo followed Dong Lei directly to the meeting room.

The meeting room was extremely quiet. Jiang Mo just stepped stepped in. All the sights of the crowd swept over. The gazes contained a variety of emotions- sympathy, relief, joy in others misfortune, and nothing to do with oneself. They were just simply watching the show with excitement and ridicule.

Jiang Mo took in all the looks and straightened her back. The sound of high heels against the ground was particularly clear in the quiet conference room.

“Jiang Mo, report on Guan Yunyu’s current situation. How did she behave during the time you took her?” Mo Jingtian asked.

“I took her?” Jiang Mo asked subconsciously, turning her head to look at Xu Lili.

Xu Lili was worried about the lie being exposed, and immediately said, “Haven’t you been applying to try and become a manager? I let you take Guan Yunyu, but I also wanted to train you. If you can’t even do this little thing, then you may not be suitable for a manager position.”

Jiang Mo is not a fool. She is actually very clever. At this moment, who knows what a big hole Xu Lili dug for her in front of the company’s leaders. However, once she fell into it, she wouldn’t be able to climb out again.

“Guan Yunyu is a music graduate who is diligent and hard-working. She strives to make progress and improve. As for the various courses arranged by the company for the artists, she signed up for all the courses. The teacher has a good impression of her.”

“The company’s recent situation has been in a bit of a mess, and there is no suitable opportunity for her. ”

In the conference room, Jiang Mo’s voice was slightly hoarse. It’s not the kind of unpleasant harshness, but a kind of indescribable unique voice. It was neither fast nor slow, and it was calm and relaxed.

Mo Jingtian stared at her, an appreciative light flashed across her eyes, “Do you want to be an manager?”


“Yes.” The thin lips spit out these two words, making everyone stunned.

“President, Jiang Mo is only an assistant now, and may not be qualified for the job of a manager.” Xu Lili’s expression was stiff and she objected.

“So you still gave her an artist you were responsible for? Do you think there are too many artists in the company, so you can pick and choose, throwing away the ones you don’t want to others? Or did you simply not do a good job as a manager and ignored the development of your artists? ”

Mo Jingtian said very slowly. When the intense feeling of oppression came, Xu Lili didn’t dare to say anything. She secretly glared daggers at Jiang Mo. This was all her fault.

After the initial shock, Jiang Mo felt extremely happy, and excitedly wanted to run around in circles. In fact, she just clenched her fists tightly, trying to suppress the excitement in her heart.

She is a manager!

Xu Lili was taught a lesson!

Suddenly a feeling of being protected emerged in her heart. She subconsciously glanced at Mo Jingtian, but the man was already immersed in the meeting. Jiang Mo couldn’t help but be distracted by the mature charm that exuded from his whole body.

She had just left the meeting room when she felt the phone vibrating and looked down. It was a message from the newlywed husband: I will go home at night.

TL note: Ooooh! Mo Jingtian is finally coming home. I can’t wait to see how their first interaction away from outsiders will go. If I was her, I’d have a lot of questions!

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