Ch. 13: Knocking Off the Evil Seed in Her Belly

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Luo Xuan’s arrogant smile made Qiao Yu uncomfortable. She chose to shred the check, “I will not get an abortion. This is my child. No one can decide his life or death, even if it is Gu Feihan.” 

Luo Xuan wanted to get a rise out of her a few more times, but looking at her attitude, it wouldn’t happen. So, she simply shut her mouth and walked away with a sneer on her face. 

Passing the corner, there was a vicious color in her eyes. She dialed a number on her phone, “Find a time to do it. Just remove the child, don’t kill anyone.”

Qiao Yu looked at Luo Xuan’s figure disappearing from her sight. For a moment, she lost all her strength and fell into a chair beside her. 

She wasn’t sure if it was the air conditioner in the cafe, but her whole body suddenly felt cold. She lifted her hand to caress her abdomen and she teared up for a brief second. 

Gu Feihan was outside of Qia Yu’s small apartment for a while. Considering how inconvenient it was to live alone in such a place while being pregnant, he had planned to let her move back in. He noticed that the door wasn’t closed and when he walked in, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of menacing people. 

They were the usury who came to collect the debt. The matter had nothing to do with him and he intended to let them know that it had nothing to do with him, but the words suddenly came out of his mouth. 

“I am her husband. So, if you have something to say, tell me.”


Qiao Yu sat in the coffee shop for a little while longer before leaving. She reached the conclusion that she will keep her child no matter what Gu Feihan’s decision was. 

She got out of the taxi across her old-fashioned apartment building. She looked around for traffic and started to walk across the street, but suddenly a black care came rushing out the corner looking as if it was targeting her. 

Qiao Yu immediately noticed the oddness of the situation and immediately looked away bracing herself for impact, but nothing happened as a person suddenly grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her vigorously. 

The black car whistled past and did not hurt her.

“Are you alright?”

The familiar warm voice stunned her and Qiao Yu looked up to find Lu Qingyu, “Qingyu, why are you here?”

“I was worried about you and I wanted to check in,” Lu Qingyu said caressing her hair; he looked at the direction the black car had disappeared, “What happened with that car just now? It almost felt like it was directly coming at you.”

“I don’t know,” Qiao Yu responded, shaking her head with fear. 

She doesn’t remember who she’d offended, except…

“It’s impossible, he’s the father of the child. Even if he doesn’t want it, he can’t kill it with such cruel means,” she nervously said to herself as the images of Gu Feihan and Luo Xuan flashed in her mind. If the incident was not an accident, then it was very likely that it was one of the two. 

“What is impossible? Who are you talking about,” Lu Qingyu questioned, unable to understand her train of thought. 

“Nothing, I’m probably thinking too much,” Qiao Yu said, shaking her head. 

“We should go to the police station and report the case first and let them intervene and begin an investigation.”

[T/N]: Not going to lie, I’m really not feeling this second lead.

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  1. The 2nd lead doesn’t know what is going on because she hasn’t told him.I think that if we give him more info and more time he just might kick Papa Gu in the pants

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