Ch. 3: Encountering Big Boss Again

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

TL Note: So you’ll probably see me use manager and agent interchangeably. I’ll try to keep it consistent as manager, but I’ll probably slip up. Just know that in regards to MC’s place of work, they are the same thing.

Xu Lili intently observed the time as she watched Jiang Mo, in the last second, arrive in a hurry with a stack of information. Her face was a little colder and a flash of disappointment passed. She turned directly into the meeting room and did not look at the large stack of documents in Jiang Mo’s arms.

Jiang Mo said nothing and followed behind Xu Lili. She walked into the meeting room, placed the documents in Xu Lili’s seat, and put the other one in the head seat.

After doing this, she left the meeting room very happily.

It was just that as she walked to the door, Mo Jingtian walked in from the outside, Jiang Mo was slightly distracted, and then subconsciously stepped back halfway to make way, not wanting to have any more accidents. Feeling the hot gaze above her head, her little heart was thumping.

It wasn’t until a large group of people passed in front of her, that Jiang Mo was able to flee out of the meeting room, covering her chest with one hand and calming down her accelerated heartbeat.

“Mo Mo, what kind of luck do you have? In less than half an hour after the big boss arrived at the company, you have come into close contact twice! Should you take advantage of the opportunity and take down the big boss to get to the pinnacle of life as a rich lady?”

Tong Tong asked with a smile.

Jiang Mo’s mouth twitched. Could she say that she has taken the person down already?

“Don’t be overconfident. How can a handsome man like Mr. Mo fancy a little assistant like you? Are you worthy of President Mo?” Yang Ying sneered.

Jiang Mo was not angry, but instead smiled, “You are right, maybe President Mo has already gotten married. Your shirt has some good buttons left, don’t think about the ones that are missing.”

The thinking Yang Ying was furious, “Jiang Mo! You wait for me!”

Jiang Mo didn’t even look at her. The exposed chest was so obvious. Sima Zhao’s heart is well known to passersby. (TL Note: The last sentence figuratively means it’s an open secret.)

She directly returned to her department with Tong Tong and continued to work.

A manager’s assistant is also very busy.

In the meeting room.

Xu Lili just reported the situation of the artist in her hand and smiled confidently. She is now the company’s best manager. Qin Yuan and Liu Cheng, a man and a woman, are the company’s most profitable stars, all of whom are under her management. She is sure that she will be appreciated by the big boss.

“It’s over?” Mo Jingtian asked coldly.

Xu Lili smiled stiffly and the much-admired expectation did not appear.

“How about Guan Yunyu? She should also be your entertainer.” Mo Jingtian continued.

Xu Lili’s face was slightly stiff. She hadn’t seen this little artist for half a year. God knows her situation!

“She… she has no potential, no prospects for development.”


Mo Jingtian threw the document in his hand on the table, “Is there no prospect, or do you not know her situation at all?”

The indifferent, serious, and compelling momentum made the conference room silent. No one dared to take a breath.

Xu Lili swallowed her saliva and clenched her fists to calm herself down.

“President, Qin Yuan and Liu Cheng are all in the ascending period. I am mainly responsible for them. Guan Yunyu has a poor qualification. Her assistant, Jiang Mo, is responsible for all matters related to her.”

Mo Jingtian’s eyelids lifted, and his eyes were deep. A trace of coldness crossed them.

The string in Xu Lili’s heart suddenly tightened, resulting in a vicious idea, “Jiang Mo is very capable. She has always wanted to be an manager. I gave Guan Yunyu to her. She should be very clear about Guan Yunyu’s feelings.”

“Let her in!” Mo Jingtian’s voice was colder.

Xu Lili is no longer afraid, but rather a little excited. Didn’t you want to climb high? I will completely break your fantasy! Ruin your image in the mind of the big boss!

You can never be a manager!

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