Ch. 7: Tomorrow He is My Ex-Husband

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

The Rollys-Royce stopped outside the big T School gate. Qiao Yu guided him out of the car and walked into the school gate. This was where she and Gu Feihan met and fell in love. The few good memories they had were from here.

“Do you remember that tree?”

Qiao Yu raised her hand pointed at the old double tree beside the playground, “At the time we used to secretly run out to date. I was hiding behind that tree and wanted to surprise you, but I was scared by a dog that was chasing another dog all over campus in the middle of the night.”

Gu Feihan looked at the direction of her fingers and his lips straightened. 

“Another time, it was too late to spend time outside. When you brought me back, the dormitory area was already closed and the lights were off. I said that the auntie was sleeping and it was clear that you would accompany me back. I just shouted for the auntie to open the door.”

Gu Feihan clenched his fingers. 

Being on campus, it felt as if they were back in school again and not much has changed–every flower, every tree. But the truth is, they have not returned to the past.

“If this is all you want to tell me, you can stop here. I don’t want to listen.”

He began to walk away indifferently and turned to go, but was caught off guard when Qiao Yu said, “Let’s eat together. Don’t refuse my request. Let this be the time we say goodbye.”

She didn’t give him a chance to speak and pulled him towards a food stall in the night market not far from the campus. Qiao Yu was a regular customer here and even after two years the boss recognized her immediately. 

The two picked a corner far from the crowd and ordered two random dishes and Qiao Yu asked for a large bottle of Erguotou. 

Gu Feihan looked at the faintly gleaming table, slightly frowning, as if he was disgusted. 

“I wanted to invite you to eat at a high-end Western restaurant, but it seems that this is more in line with my current economic level.”

Qiao Yu understood his thoughts and laughed. She grabbed a napkin and carefully wiped the table and chairs for him. She pulled the chair out then sat opposite of him. 

She held her cheeks and watched the young couple sitting not far away, “I haven’t been to this place for a long time, since after marrying you…”

Gu Feihan looked at her and his lips parted a little to speak. The boss came with the plate of food they’d ordered. Qiao Yu smiled and said a few words to him and the boss’ eyes turned to Gu Feihan, “Is he your boyfriend?”

“It’s my husband,” Qiao Yu corrected him with a smile. 

The boss was about to shower him with compliments, but Qiao Yu sharply said, “Only as of today, he will be my ex-husband tomorrow…”

The boss stiffened and turned back awkwardly. 

Gu Feihan stared at her incredulously, seeming to be a little displeased, “You can’t say that.”

“It’s better to make things clear so other people don’t misunderstand,” she replied, smiling reluctantly, pouring a glass of alcohol to herself. 

The alcohol was strong and she coughed and the strength was too much and tears were about to come out, “It’s like…if you had told me in the beginning that I was the daughter of your father’s enemy, I wouldn’t have obsessed over you for so long.”

Gu Feihan didn’t speak, his face sullen as she poured two more shots and drank both down.

“After a long period of bloody hostility, if I were you, I would not be able to show kindness and care to my enemy.”

[T/N]: Y’all this was a hard chapter for me to translate. I had to stop then come back to it because the moments they reminisce really tugged my heart. I feel like I can definitely tell that Gu Feihan loves her, but all the pain she’s having to go through–he better redeem himself.

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