Ch. 6: Last Time with Her

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“It’s ruined, it’s ruined,” Father Zhengnan cried leaning on the lamppost next to him and knelt down slowly, his voice choking, “my life’s hard work is all gone.”

“No, you are still young, this will come back one day.”

Qiao Yu couldn’t bear it. In the past she wanted to help him. Father Qiao couldn’t breathe in and fainted in her arms. 


She hurriedly called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The doctor said that it was a transient fainting caused by excessive emotions and it wasn’t too serious. 

She took some medicine and busied herself to look for a house. The housing prices in City A were exorbitantly expensive and Qiao Yu only had enough money to temporarily rent a small one-bedroom apartment in a dilapidated old-fashioned residential building. Her brother was crying and shouting asking where mother had gone and why she hadn’t picked them up. 

Qiao Yu was full of bitterness as she took the child into her arms, “She’s gone a long way and will come back in a few days. Don’t be afraid.”

Her father had collapsed and her brother was too young. All the familial burden was now on Qiao Yu, so she went out to find a job early the next morning but no serious offer came. 

She got married as soon as she graduated from college and was a full-time stay-at-home wife for two years, therefore she had no work experience and skills at all. Though, she is smart. 

At noon, she sat on a park bench nibbling on cheap bread, flashing her married life in her mind like a movie. 

In the past two years, her life had centered on Gu Feihan. Her goal had been for him to accept her–so long that he was happy, she would be happy and the world is in color. 

It’s a pity that after all that she’s done, he still didn’t have a place in his heart…even a small one. 

She packed up her things, ready to start looking for a job again. But after a long afternoon, she still found nothing. She dragged herself back to the hospital and heard Gu Feihan’s voce through the door. 

She took a step in, reluctant for him to see her. She wanted to hide, but Gu Feihan’s next sentence stunned her. 

He said that her father was his enemy. Qiao Yu’s legs weakened and she almost fell to the ground. No wonder he had hated her. Since he knew Qiao Zhengnan was her father, he didn’t want to look at her anymore.

“Qiao Yu…,” Qiao Zhengnan softly called to her after seeing her standing by the door. 

Qiao Yu grounded herself as Gu Feihan turned to face her. Their eyes caught each other’s and the air seemed to have frozen for a moment. 

Gu Feihan didn’t seem to want to see her and he began to walk away. Qiao Yu turned to follow and chase him, “Come with me for the last time.”

She stopped him as they went down the stairs, trying to suppress the pain in her heart, “After all of this time, do you really want to go to court? Come with me for the last time and I promise I will sign the papers.”

He said nothing and walked down the stairs and Qiao Yu followed him all the way down and took the passenger’s seat when they got to his car. 

Gu Feihan rarely rushed people. 

“Where do you want to go?”

“School,” she answered without thinking, gently lowering her eyes, “I want to go back and see where we met.” 

Gu Feihan’s fingers holding the steering wheel tightened.

[T/N]: I have a feeling the next chapter is going to be really depressing.

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