Ch. 1: The Flash Marriage Husband Becomes Boss

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

TL Note: Here is the first chapter as a teaser. I should be regularly posting once I build up a sufficient stockpile. Hopefully, that I can start posting on Monday. Enjoy!

Early morning.

Bright sunlight sprinkled through the gap between the light gray curtains and poured into the room, casting a light on the off white double bed.

On the bed is a girl wrapped in a quilt. She was just like a sleeping beauty with her fine curled eyelashes, small and exquisite nose, and light pink lips. 

The sudden light caused her to frown, roll over, and continued to fall asleep.

Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table that said 8:20!

The girl sat up in a puff. “Oh my god! What a broken alarm clock! I explicitly set it for 8:00. Why didn’t it sound? Did it get broken when I moved?”

Wash, change clothes, move fast, don’t be late!

Jiang Mo has lived here for a month. A month ago, after an unknown number of blind date dinners, she finally married herself out after encountering a variety of the best.

He is tall and handsome. Although he is not rich, his handsome and proud face is in line with her aesthetics. Since everyone is the same, it is natural to choose one that is pleasing and beautiful.

After receiving the marriage certificate and moving, Jiang Mo quickly entered another stage of life.

However, on the first day of receiving the certificate, the husband on the marriage certificate went on a business trip. In the large and spacious house, she was the only one, and she was happy. If it was not for the bank card on the bedside table and the red marriage certificate, she couldn’t help but wonder if she had a fake marriage.

The only advantage of receiving the certificate is that she moved to Yunshuijian District, which has convenient access to transportation and work. She can sleep an hour more every morning than when she lived at the previous place she rented.

But she was late this morning, so Jiang Mo didn’t wear any other makeup aside from some lipstick and ran all the way to work. After arriving at the company, she was still late.

“Mo Mo! Come here, don’t you know what day it is today? How dare you be late?” Tong Tong pulled her and ran to the elevator.

“The alarm didn’t ring. What about the people? Where did everyone go?”

“It seems that you really forgot that today the new boss has arrived. Everyone naturally went to the lobby to greet him! Hurry up! Hurry up! This is a great opportunity to brush up goodwill. I heard that our new boss is no worse than the male artists of the company. He is young and promising, handsome and extraordinary. Definitely the ideal husband.”

Tong Tong said this with pink bubbles in her eyes.

It turns out that the numerous people in the lobby are preparing for the new boss!

“Mo Mo, don’t rely on your beautiful face and not wear makeup! Do you still have a sense of working in the entertainment industry? There are so many beauties in the circle, you are so simple, so who will remember you?” 

Tong Tong preached with a serious attitude.

Jiang Mo gave her a glance, “Dear, we are only assistants! Assistants! Assistants! Assistants for agents and assistants for artists, so who is bothered to do such complicated makeup?”

“Of course it’s for attracting men! Are you still 25? It’s time to find a man and get married. It’s not good to be by yourself. How can you attract a Mr. Tall-Rich-and-Handsome?” Tong Tong had a righteous look.

Jiang Mo’s mouth twitched: Sorry, this sister is already married, although not rich, but he is still tall and handsome.

The company’s supervisors, along with employees from various departments, stood on both sides. Among them are some agents and company entertainers. Jiang Mo and Tong Tong stood behind their bosses, looking at the direction of the gate like everyone else.

The automatic doors opened, and they saw a tall man walk in wearing a well-tailored black suit with a pair of long legs that can kill half of the male artists in the circle.

He had a handsome and extraordinary face, with a pair of dark eyes, that were especially deep. His thin lips were slightly pursed, not arrogant, but mature and restrained, implicitly sharp, full of aura.

As soon as this man entered the hall, he attracted the attention of all the opposite sex around him.

“God! He’s so handsome! This is what my ideal husband looks like!” Tong Tong sighed softly, hoping to grab Jiang Mo’s arm and shake it a few times.

Jiang Mo was stunned. Did she see it wrong?

Isn’t that her husband who disappeared for a month?

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