Ch. 8: Uncontrollable Heartbeat

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

After three glasses of strong liquor, Qiao Yu was already drunk, her cheeks flushed. She tried to drink again, but Feihan said, “Stop drinking.”

“Why do you care? Who are you to me now,” she asked sarcastically and took another shot of the liquor.

Gu Feihan’s face was cold and he stood up and was about to leave until Qiao Yu took the bottle and took the last remaining liquid. Seeing that two bottles of Erguotou was gone, it was apparent that she didn’t mean to stop drinking. Gu Feihan took a step away and grabbed the bottle in her hand, pulled her up and left money on the table. 

Qiao Yu had been a bit tipsy at this point and hung on him, “When I first met you, remember, you dismissed like you’re doing now. We’re a mess. I know you’re not willing to stay with me, yet you still care. I married you. I thought that as long as I worked hard, I would change your mind. I really, really love you.”

Gu Feihan listened to her muttering quietly. 

He had planned to find a garbage dump on the way and leave her there. Instead, he tucked her into the Rolls-Royce and brought her to his villa. 


When the female housekeeper heard the car, she went on to greet him. What she saw shocked her, it was Gu Feihan getting out of the car holding a drunk Qiao Yu. She was about to ask what happened until Qiao Yu turned her head and threw up all over Gu Feihan. 

A sour smell fluttered in the air, the smell pungent and unpleasant. The female housekeeper continued to watch the two people in front of her, “She needs to get washed.”

“No need,” Gu Feihan said avoiding her outstretched hand as he walked into the house still holding Qiao Yu, “Call the kitchen and tell them to make a bowl of hangover soup and bring it to my room.”

The housekeeper nodded, “Yes, sir.”

When the soup was delivered, Gu Feihan came out of the bathroom with Qiao Yu who he’d washed clean. He put her in bed and turned to take the soup, but Qiao Yu suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him down, “Don’t go…”

Seeing this, the servant put the bowl on the bedside table and turned to walk away.

“Gu Feihan, do you love me,” Qiao Yu asked, smiling sadly with her hands caught on his neck. There was a little wetness in his eyes, “If there is no damned hatred between us, will you love like I love you?”

Gu Feihan didn’t say anything as he stared at her lips. She looked confused until he bowed to kiss her head. A few minutes later, they were half naked and a trace of cool air came and Gu Feihan realized what he was doing. He pushed her away and got up and hurried to the balcony. 

Being outside was a bit like running away.

When Qiao Yu woke up, Gu Feihan was no longer there. Her head hurt and she couldn’t remember what happened the night prior. 

She got up and looked around only to find that she was back at where she lived for two years.

On the bedside table, there was a bowl of hangover soup, the divorce agreement, and a check for five million yuan. Although the amount was not enough for the rest of her life, it was enough for a start. 

She started sipping the soup and took the check as she looked at the divorce agreement in a daze until the housekeeper came to call for her.

[T/N]: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She threw up on him. That is all.

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