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New Novel Announcement

Hi guys!

I hope you all are doing well and that you guys have been enjoying mystic_alix’s work on ICSAYTD.

I just wanted to pop in and announce that I am going to be working on Hidden Marriage Secret Love: President Mo’s Love ’til the End.

Good Morning Mr Mo

It’s an ongoing story from what I can tell, with close to 700 chapters! I hope to post about 3-5 chapters a week. As always, the translation may not be 100% accurate since I am an MTL’er and I do edit the chapters to attempt to ensure that the translation reads smoothly.

Anyways, here’s the synopsis:

The mysterious, cold black-bellied man VS the stubborn, yet soft woman.

Jiang Mo, whose parents urged her to marry, thought she found a man who met her aesthetic standards to deal with her parents. She never thought that her newly married husband was actually the company’s big boss!

Mo Jingtian, the Mo family’s fourth young master, is mysteriously low-key and rich. It’s said that Mo family’s fourth young master was cold and arrogant, clean and self-preserved, indifferent to desire, and even more disdainful of women. Only Jiang Mo knew that this was a shameless gangster!

The novel page is can be found here. I hope you’ll enjoy this novel and as always, thank you for your continued support of the Lotus Translation team!

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Edit 11Jul2020 (5:28 EST): I went ahead and released chapter 1 as a teaser and will start regularly posting once I build a sufficient stockpile.

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