Ch. 2: Crash into the Arms of the President

TL’ed and Edited by Xia

TL Note: I have changed the release schedule. I realized that since announcing the novel, I wasn’t translating as fast as I would like, so the 3 chapters/week right now isn’t feasible if I get caught up in real-life stuff. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging so releases will be 2/week every Wednesday and Friday.

“Welcome President.”

The general manager took the lead– his voice was uniform as he bent down and bowed at a sixty degree angle.

Jiang Mo was so immersed in the shock that her husband = big boss, that she never recovered. In the magnificent lobby, Sky Entertainment’s high to low-level staff all bent and bowed.

The standing Jiang Mo was particularly conspicuous.

Mo Jingtian glanced at her, and his dark phoenix’s eyes flicked across her face with a fleeting smile.

Their line of sight met midair and Jiang Mo suddenly felt that her steady heart beat a little faster.

It must be her own illusion, how could the big boss smile at her?

“In 20 minutes, all high-level staff will meet in the conference room.”

The low, intoxicating voice was very magnetic, and it pulled back the people who were still absentminded. The crowd standing in the hall immediately dispersed, and on the first day of taking office, the big boss jumped straight into work like a workaholic.

The senior level employees are also nervous and immediately prepared relevant materials, which would leave a good impression in front of the new boss.

Jiang Mo stood staring blankly, still in her head was only the smile of Mo Jingtian.

“Jiang Mo, what are you doing still standing there stupidly, and not hurrying back to prepare the materials!” Xu Lili reprimanded her and immediately attracted the attention of everyone who had not left yet.

“Yes.” Jiang Mo did not talk nonsense, and immediately walked towards the elevator.

Tong Tong followed up and whispered, “She knows to target you otherwise you could switch to another agent as an assistant. Following Xu Lili, even if you are capable, there is no chance to get ahead. She always suppresses you.”

“How many times have you applied to be a broker, but she just didn’t report it!” Tong Tong began to grieve.

Jiang Mo just smiled lightly, “It’s okay, this time I didn’t do well, and let her catch the handle.”

Tong Tong squinted at Jiang Mo and pushed her arm, squeezing her eyes ambiguously, “Speaking of this, are you thinking about the big boss? It’s not your fault that you are absentminded in public. Do you also think the big boss is handsome?”

Mo Jingtian’s shallow smile suddenly appeared in Jiang Mo’s head, and her cheeks were suddenly hot.

“God! You blushed! Is this the charm of the big boss?” Tong Tong exclaimed exaggeratedly.

Jiang Mo glared at her, “Quickly go to work to save yourself from being caught by Xu Lili, and giving her a reason to teach you.”

Tong Tong: “You’re changing the subject.”

Jiang Mo: “…”

Just when the elevator opened, Jiang Mo swooped out of the elevator.

Tong Tong: “You’re running away.”

Silently, Jiang Mo felt guilty, lowered her head and sped up, afraid of being caught by Tong Tong and asked about it again. She has not recovered from the shock that the newlywed husband is the company’s boss.

Suddenly, there was a collision. Feeling a resistance, Jiang Mo, who was walking in thin high-heels, did not stand firm, and retreated sharply. As she was about to fall, a powerful arm appeared at her side instantly grabbing her. Her fallen body was directly brought into his arms.

The faint smell of tobacco, mixed with the breath of a mature man, enveloped her.

Jiang Mo looked up and a handsome face appeared in front of her eyes. Her figure could be clearly seen in those deep eyes and his thin lips were gently pursed. Their lips were in a very close distance, but if one of them was to move closer they would kiss.

“Be careful.” The magnetic voice was like a sub woofer, ringing in Jiang Mo’s ear, and suddenly the tip of the ear turned red with a speed that can be seen by the naked eye.

Mo Jingtian let go, walked past her and into the elevator.

Everyone in the corridor had different expressions.

“Jiang Mo, when you see the big boss, even if you want to seduce him, find an empty place. It’s too ugly to do so in public!” Xu Lili said with undisguised sarcasm.

Jiang Mo frowned, “Sister Xu, you’ve misunderstood.”

“Oh, you only have five minutes. If after five minutes, I don’t see the meeting information, you can just pack up and leave!” Xu Lili became more and more severe.

Jiang Mo immediately returned to the desk and sorted it out quickly. She would never leave Sky Entertainment.

“Here.” Tong Tong quietly passed the two folders over.

“Please, let’s have lunch at noon!” Jiang Mo thanked her with a smile.

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