Ch. 34: Gu Feihan’s Gossip

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Gu Fiehan could feel that Qiao Yu still resisted him because of the past–for now, he thought that the only way for him to keep her is to let her have another baby. But it’s proving to be a difficult task. 

“Don’t move your lips anymore,” Qiao Yu peeled off another egg and pressed it to his face, “If we don’t treat it well, it will be swollen tomorrow.”

“If it’s still swollen, I’ll stay at home with you,” he responded, turned to face her, and he couldn’t help but ask, “What did that baster say?”

Qiao Yu wanted to tell him the truth but he couldn’t after seeing Gu Feihan’s villainous look and decided to stab him, “I told him to wait for three months. When we get divorced, I will go to him immediately.”

“That’s your decision,” he said, before concocting a plan on how to get her pregnant. 

She was resistant to having sex at first, but slowly opened up. After all, they are a young man  and woman who sleep in the same bed every night. However, Qiao Yu was unwilling to have another child and took contraceptives. But after Gu Feihan found them, he threw it on the ground and claimed that the pills would hurt her. 

While shopping, Qiao Yu picked up a condom but Gu Feihan refused to wear it as he claimed it affected the feeling–Qiao Yu was angry and insisted she slept in a separate room. 

To end the trouble, Gu Feihan asked a doctor to prescribe a box of medicine that would not harm her body. Qiao Yu felt the medicine tasted a bit weird–sweet, like Vitamin C. Though she didn’t care about these details and moved on from the matter.

Qiao Yu stayed at home for a few more days and had nothing to do so she decided to go to the company and be Gu Feihan’s secretary. In order to avoid unnecessary drama, she insisted that he not let other people know about their relationship. Gu Feihan was reluctant to agree, but ended up agreeing–although a lukewarm one. 

A natural favorite hobby after work for secretaries was gossiping in the secretary’s room. Qiao Yu followed in excitement–occasionally gasping and agreeing. 

“Did you hear that the general manager of the technology department’s new girlfriend is the big star Luo Xuan?”

Qiao Yu was sorting files when she heard the rumor and her hand paused. 

“That woman just needs to leave. She’s going through the whole senior department in our company. She used to pester the president, but now she has changed her goal and is looking at the general manager.”

“Did she and president have a good relationship,” Qiao Yu asked, unable to stop herself from interjecting. 

“Recently, they haven’t had much contact, but there was a time last year when she came frequently. She used  to stay in the president’s office for half a day. Sometimes the two of them would walk in together and leave together–everyone assumed that they were dating.”

“But the opinions are divided–that woman, relying on her relationship with the president…”

Someone coughed and the room suddenly became quiet. 

[T/N]: Gu Feihan…what kind of idea is that? I’m literally facepalming right now. Lol

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