Ch. 35: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu was only paying half-attention and felt an itch, “Why did you guys stop, how is she relying on that relationship?”

No one answered her for a long time and the secretary’s room continued to be quiet, so quiet that you’d be able to hear a needle fall on the ground.

She finally realized that something was wrong and looked up from the pile of documents. She saw Gu Feihan’s face. Her hand shook and paper slid down–the newly organized documents were scattered across the table. 

“Gossiping during work hours, is this what the company hired you for?”

His cold eyes swept across the room and all the secretaries fluttered away like snow. 

“Qiao Yu.”


“Come to my office.”

She thought he was looking for her for a reason, but as soon as she entered she realized he had been busy with his own affairs–acting as if she wasn’t there.

“President Gu, if you have no orders, I will go out first,” she quipped after twenty minutes passed. 

“Come with me at a cocktail party in the evening,” he said as she turned to leave. 

“Me,” she asked stunned and asked tentatively, “As your secretary?”

Gu Feihan was silent for a moment, “If you want to attend as my wife, I have no objection.”

Qiao Yu didn’t answer.

As she was about to close the door, Gu Feihan suddenly said, “I have nothing to do with Luo Xuan.”


Qiao Yu was stunned again and realized that he was explaining the past between him and Luo Xuan.

“It’s your private life, no need to explain yourself.”

Suddenly he realized that by bringing Qiao Yu in the office he had shot himself in the foot. 

That afternoon, the girls in the secretarial room received a private notice that they were not allowed to talk about the president in the company–otherwise half a months’ bonus would be deducted once they were discovered. 

Gu Feihan’s secretary secretly watched them in private and Gu Feihan made sure to let him know not to be seen by Qiao Yu, because if she found out they would be buried together. 

As soon as Qiao Yu returned after delivering the documents for the conference, she noticed that the atmosphere had changed. She could feel the curious glances her way.

“Why are you all looking at me?”

The girls shook their heads quickly and bowed before leaving. 

For dinner, Qiao Yu changed into a water-blue fishtail evening dress with her hair tied up. She wore light make-up. The person in front of the mirror was beautiful and bright, not at all inferior to those movie stars. 

From the moment she got in the car, Gu Feihan looked like he couldn’t wait to immediately strip her body. She could feel his gaze and couldn’t help but shrink and feel embarrassed.

“Where are we going?”

“To see an elder,” Gu Feihan took a box from Jason and handed over a sapphire necklace, “Actually I regret it.”

“Regret what?”

Gu Feihan leaned over to hear ears and lowered his voice, “If I had known that my woman was so beautiful, I should have kept her home hidden. Why should I let others see her?”

[T/N]: Can someone please say those last words to me? / drools

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