Ch. 32: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu was surprised as she did not doubt his sincerity. He comes from a rich family and it wouldn’t be a big deal to spend 10 million, but she couldn’t take it. 

“Qingyu, I can handle this by myself. Leave it alone.”

She was sure of her decision, but Lu Qingyu refused to give up, “I’m going to take care of this. No matter what you said, I won’t let you do stupid things like selling yourself to pay off your debts. I can’t watch you walk straight into a fire pit.”

“Qiao Yu, I’ve liked you since I was young. Give me a chance to protect you,” he said firmly and squeezed her hand. 

Qiao Yu’s eyes widened in astonishment–he had never noticed his feelings for her before.

“Qingyu, I…”

“Are you done,” a cold voice from behind asked. Qiao Yu suddenly felt guilty and subconsciously pulled her hand away from Qingy’s palm. 

She turned her head and watched Gu Feihan approach the both of them. She stepped back, but Gu Feihan grabbed her under his arms. 

“It looks like Dr. Lu is interested and he came all the way to my house to tease my wife–does this mean I don’t exist?”

“You’re divorced,” Lu Qinyu responded.

“Didn’t you tell him,” Gu Feihan noted, looking at Qiao Yu.

“Gu Feiha, you’d better go in first. I’ll handle this myself,” she quipped, a little helpless. 

“How are you going to deal with it? By running away with him,” Gu Feihan said. Sourness ran through his body and he sneered at Lu Qingyu.

“Don’t even bother thinking about it. As long as I don’t sign the divorce, she can only be with me. It’s bigamy…”

“Son of a Bitch,” Lu Qingyu screamed then raised his hand and punched Gu Feihan in the face. 

Gu Feihan staggered back a few steps, a little blood leaking out. 

Qiao Yu was shocked and hurried over to check on him, “Feihan, are you alright.”

“Move,” Gu Feihan said and clenched his fists and ran towards Lu Qingyu, but was held back by Qiao Yu.

“Don’t do it, calm down. Take my word for it, don’t fight,” she said, almost pleading. Gu Feihan gritted his teeth and it took every single nerve in his body not to land the punch. 

Once Qiao Yu noticed his aura change to being calmer, she quickly pushed him around, “Now, you go back in first and cook. I’ll go inside after I make things clear with him. Stop making trouble.”

Gu Feihan snorted coldly in defiance and Qiao Yu said a couple more comforting words before coaxing him back. 

Lu Qingyu stood and watched the two of them with a sullen face. He didn’t say a word, but his hands were clenched into fists. 

Qiao Yu watched Gu Feihan slam the door and she took a deep breath and a long sigh before turning back around, “Qingyu, I’m sorry, I made a mistake about the divorce. For right now, he is legally my husband still.”

“What happens next,” Lu Qingyu responded. 

[T/N]: Yeah, still no second-lead syndrome–though, I guess it’s because it’s a short story.

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