Ch. 25: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Since their marriage three years ago, this was probably the first time she heard Gu Feihan call her those words. But why now, after they’ve been divorced for a year. There was a trace of bitterness in her heart. It felt ironic. Would he be this good to her if the child was still alive?

“Don’t disrespect the dead. If she is your wife, then I am the wife of the president,” the landlord’s wife retorted, her ton full of irony. 

Qiao Yu had rented the house for more than half a year, but she’s never heard of who she was married to. Besides, if he was her husband, why would she be living in such an old house. For that matter, live so shabbily. 

“No need to answer, just let my son out of prison. If not, I will sue you for slander.”

Gu Feihan didn’t say anything. Instead, he dialed a phone number and moments later two people were walking straight toward them. Qiao Yu recognized one of them as Gu Feihan’s right hand man and the other as his lawyer. 

“President. Madam,” the assistant greeted both of them and handed over several documents to Gu Feihan. 

Gu Feihan looked at the landlord’s wife with a sneer, “Because of all the good things your son did last night, I specifically asked my lawyer to immediately deal with the events. No matter how you act today, it will have no effect. The lawsuit will play out and your son will bear the blame.”

He briefly paused and handed over two small red books, “Also, regarding your statement, the marriage certificate and household registration are in there. If you don’t believe it, you can read it yourself.”

The landlord opened the booklet and her proud smile froze.

“I’ve hurt my wife before,” Gu Feihan said, “She is choosing to be kind, but I’m not willing to forgive and make it easy.” 

He took a recording pen from his suit pocket and walked towards the landlord. Standing beside her, one could say that she’d been crushed, “What you said to my wife earlier, it’s recorded. All your fabrications to damage her image constitutes a crime of defamation. A letter from my lawyer will be sent to you in two days.”

The landlord’s face was pale and the arrogance that was once quickly disappeared. She was used to winning battles like this before and didn’t think that she’d lose this time. 

Gu Feihan didn’t say more and took Qiao Yu away, leaving the rest to his assistant and lawyer. While inside the house, Gu Feihan thought about the incident and how Qiao Yu shouldn’t live at the place anymore. He suggested that she move in with him, but she refused.

“I am grateful for your help, but we truly don’t have a relationship. We had our divorce a year ago. Now, at best, we’re merely acquaintances. Living in your house is not suitable.”

For this situation, her decision was to refuse, fight from the heart. 

[T/N]: I’m kinda glad that even though there’s a hint of softness in her heart, she’s still fighting back.

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