Ch. 24: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“I saw a man driving a luxury car to come and find here two days ago. He even stayed here for the night. If you don’t believe it, go down and see. The man came again yesterday and the car is parked downstairs!”

The landlord’s wife was afraid that people would believe Qiao Yu’s words. Someone in the group immediately responded, “Yes, I also saw the car is still parked. When the police game, I saw her with the man. I saw him come out of the house this morning.”

Qiao Yu felt uncomfortable and troubled by the people that had surrounded her house. She knew that it would be difficult to explain and that they likely wouldn’t listen, “The police station and the court will make the final decision with your son’s affairs. It’s no longer any of my business.”

After saying her words, she turned to leave but the landlord’s wife caught her hand and screamed, “You shameless fox spirit, bring back my son or I will so you for slander!”

“I don’t believe you have the right to sue.”

A cold voice suddenly said from behind the crowd. Everyone looked behind them and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes. He was carrying a grocery bag of what seems like breakfast foods.

“Gu Feihan.”

Qiao Yu looked at him in a daze and didn’t know what to say except his name. She didn’t see him when she woke up and assumed he left already. Yet here he was. The irritability and displeasure in her heart suddenly began to disperse a little and she felt warm. 

“Look, the man is back! You shameless woman,” the landlord’s wife yelled. 

Qiao Yu clenched her fingers. In regard to the lady’s comment about her and Gu Feihan, she had said what she needed to say to these unimportant people, there was no need to explain further. 

Gu Feihan walked towards her and said, “Go ahead, let me handle it from here. You have dealt with enough. It’s now up to me.”

He took her hand and handed her the breakfast he had bought and stared at the landlord with disgust, “For those people who don’t think there’s a man in the house.” 

Whispers came from the crowd, “Who’s that? Her lover?”

The landlord’s wife snorted, “In front of these people, tell them your relationship with her!”

Gu Feihan didn’t say anything in response and only looked at the fat woman in front of him, his dark eyes cold–if eyes could kill people, the landlord’s wife would have been dead.

“Forget it, let her think what she wants,” Qiao Yu interjected as she noticed the displeasure and decided to become a peacemaker. 

He reached and pulled her closer to him and held her hand, “The matter will be resolved, but no one is allowed to hurt my wife.”

Hearing the words “my wife,” Qiao Yu’s heartbeat quickened. She looked up at his delicate and handsome profile, wondering if she had heard it wrong. 

[T/N]: Okay, okay, Gu Feihan FTW. / celebrate

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