Ch. 14: Untitled

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Lu Qingyu clenched his fist and wanted to take her straight to his car, but Qiao Yu suddenly pulled him nervously, “No, don’t go to the police station.”

Regarding the matter, she didn’t want the police to intervene with an investigation. If they found something and it was Luo Xuan it would be okay with her, but if it was Gu Feihan…she dared not to even think of that. 

“I want to go home, can you drive me back,” she asked, subconsciously grasping Lu Qingyu’s sleeve. 

“Who else is in your family now,” Lu Qingyu asked, twisting his eyebrows. 

“They’re all gone. My dad and step-mother ran away. My brother is in the countryside. I live alone now,” Qiao Yu noted, then biting her lip. 

“I think you should come back with me for one night. This place is not safe. I will help you find a new house tomorrow.”

Qiao Yu wanted to refuse. When he raised his eyes, he saw a group of roguish looking men walk out of the community where she lived. Qiao Yu looked over where his gaze was and her face turned white and quickly turned around. 

There was no way for her to pay back ten million and she was too afraid to ask Gu Feihan for help. 

“Get in the car first and we’ll talk about everything else on the road,” Li Qingyu pulled her to the direction of his car and Qiao Yu did not refuse.

The next morning, Qiao Yu told him that she should go back and get her things but this didn’t settle well with Lu Qingyu and he decided to come with her.

“Qingyu, thank you so much for running this trip with me and for letting me stay over last night,” Qiao Yu said as they reached the door of her apartment. 

“Silly Girl,” Lu Qingyu chuckled and patted her head, “If I can, I hope to take care of you forever.”

She wasn’t expecting for him to say such a thing, “Qingyu, I…”

Before she could finish her thought, the door opened and Gu Feihan appeared in front of the two, his face cold. He waited at the house overnight waiting for her to let her know that he had settled the loan for her. He made countless phone calls, but no answer because the number was turned off. 

When he called his villa, the housekeeper said that she hadn’t gone back. Wary of the whole loan situation, he asked a Special Assistant to investigate. 

Qiao Yu looked at his sullen complexion and instantly remembered what happened yesterday. Her heart started to beat faster and she instinctively wanted to run and hide. Instead, she hit Lu Qingyu’s arms when she took a step back. 

Gu Feihan watched her movements and narrowed his eyes dangerously. 

Lu Qingyu caught the change in the air and held Qiao Yu’s shoulders anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” Qiao Yu shook her head and took his arms off her shoulders. She glanced at Gu Feihan and he did not look happy. 

“Qingyu, will you go back first? I have something to tell him.”

“Then, I will wait for you outside and we can walk together later,” Lu Qingyu responded as a compromise, twisting his eyebrows. 

Lu Qingyu left and Gu Feihan immediately pulled Qiao Yu towards him, “Say, who was that man just now? What is your relationship with him?”

Cold air floated around him and it felt like Qiao Yu was about to freeze to death and the instinct to run away reignited, “He is my previous neighbour, you’re hurting me! Let me go!”

“Just a neighbor? A neighbor that let you stay overnight? You think I didn’t hear that,” he sneered, tightening his grasp on her hand more, “The first two times, you told me you didn’t want to get a divorce. Then suddenly, there’s an agreement and you’re with him. You’re really good, Qiao Yu.”

“How dare you,” Qiao Yu exclaimed, shaking her head.

She wanted to explain her side, but he had already released her wrist and turned to walk away, “Gu Feihan, this is not what you think, listen to me!”

Qiao Yu ran after him and finally stopped mid-way on the stairs. She grabbed his hand, wanting to tell him what happened yesterday but Gu Feihan slung her grip away. He couldn’t control his strength out of his anger. Qiao Yu took a step back trying to regain balance, instead she took a mis-step and rolled down the stairs. 

Gu Feihan was shocked and reached out to try and pull her, but there wasn’t enough time. 

Next thing he knew, Qiao Yu was lying on the ground unconscious–blood came from below her, staining her skirt red. A red so deep, he immediately noticed. 

[T/N]: I’m speechless…Also, side note: On the synopsis, it says that he pushed her. I mean, it’s accidental, I think? Unless my translation is wrong.

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  1. Ohhhhh.. You are dead Gu Feihan. You can bring countless women home but she can’t find feel safe with the man that is her childhood friend? She better be safe. But the blood is not looking good though.

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