Ch. 9: There is a Big Empty Space in my Heart

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu looked at the familiar face of the housekeeper and unconsciously dried some of her tears and smiled, “Don’t call me Young Lady anymore. Starting today, I have nothing to do with your Young Master.”

The housekeeper opened her mouth to speak, but Qiao Yu continued to speak, “Help me by telling your Young Master that I have signed and that I wish him and Luo Xuan happiness.”

While laughing a little, she put aside the divorce agreement in her hand and got up to leave. When she opened the door, Gu Feihan was standing on the other side. He would have heard what she just said. Qiao Yu was a little embarrassed looking at his cold, almost frozen face. 

“Butler, drop her off.”

Gu Feihan still looked at her coldy and indifferently and Qiao Yu’s face paled slightly as a result of him asking for someone to escort her. A brief moment passed and she couldn’t help but reach out to hold him, “Can you spare my dad? If you have to kill someone, kill me. I will pay you.”

Gu Feihan was stunned and Qiao Yu released her grip and turned to leave. The housekeeper brought the things on the bedside table to him. The divorce agreement had been signed and he noticed that she had left the check. 

This was the result he wanted. He’d reached his goal, but he was unhappy. He squeezed the check and he suddenly felt crazy and punched hard on the mirror of the dressing table next to him. Blood slid down the broken mirror and the female housekeeper looked terrified, “Master…”

Without answering, he walked to the balcony and watched the thin figure drift away, slowly disappearing from his sigh. His heart felt empty. 

When Qiao Yu returned to the small apartment she rented, her father was no longer there and the room had been turned upside down. All the valuables were taken away–deposits, cash, jewelry–there was nothing left. 

Her first reaction was a theft, but no thief would steal things like ID cards and passports. For that matter, a thief that would only steal Qiao Zhengnan’s identification documents. 

Qiao Yu was reluctant to believe that it was her father who left her and her brother and fled. It wasn’t until someone came to the door and Qiao Yu learned that her father had once borrowed nearly ten million yuan in loans from Gao Li in her name. Now that he is gone, the debt is on Qiau Yu’s head. Because she was unable to pay, her and her brother were under the loan shark’s debt. 

She fell to the ground, trembling, she took out her cell phone and called her father again and again, but no answer, “Why did you do to me?”

She wept silently, leaning on the corner of the desk trying to stand up. Suddenly, there was sharp pain in her abdomen, and she immediately dialed a familiar number, “Gu Feihan…Help…”

Gu Feihan was in a meeting when he received her call. His first reaction was to hang up when she saw her name on the display, instead, he tapped the answer button involuntarily–as if he had been possessed by a ghost. 

Hearing the weak voice from the other end of the phone, he stood up quickly, dropped the documents in his hand, and ran out. 


The secretary wanted to ask what happened. 

By the time he arrived, Qiao Yu had collapsed on the ground. Her face was as pale as paper. Gu Feihan hurried to pick her up and drove to the hospital

[T/N]:  Jesus, she just can’t catch a break, can she? And what is wrong with her father!?

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