Ch. 5: He Hates Her

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

Qiao Yu continued on the road like a wandering soul and a car roared past and almost hit her. The driver immediately hit the break and came out to scold her, “Make sure you look at the road while walking!”

But Qiao Yu didn’t hear his words. He walked back to his car and drove away. 

At the villas

Luo Xuan came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and looked around until she found Gu Feihan on the balcony. He had lit a cigarette and was smoking slowly. Silently, he was leaning on the railing and he looked like a statue. 


When Luo Xuan walked over, she noticed a pile of cigarette butts on his feet. She gritted her teeth and wrapped her arms around his waist. 

“It’s late, let’s rest,” she said softly, but Gu Feihan was still silent. After a moment, he put out his cigarette, turned around and hugged her before turning around to guide the both of them back inside. 

Luo Xuan was overjoyed and she raised her hand and draped it over his neck, “Look at you in a hurry.”

Before she could finish her words, Gu Feihan had thrown her on the bed and he had ripped off his tie and leaned over her. 

Luo Xuan smiled and closed her eyes waiting for his next move, but there was no movement.


She softened her voice and began to lean in to kiss him, but he avoided it.

Gu Feihan didn’t want to admit it, but the moment he pressed his body on Luo Xuan he thought of Qiao Yu. Her pure and innocent face flashed in his mind. Her face carved in his mind like a brand as if he would never forget her. 

He clenched his fingers and didn’t wait for Luo Xuan to try again. Pulling away, he started to fix his clothes and said indifferently, “Your task is complete. The heroine role for Allure is yours. If there is nothing else, you can leave.” 

He turned to leave, but Luo Xuan rushed to hug him, “Feihan, I don’t want anything, I just want you. I promised to come with you all night not just for the role. I want you. I want you all the time.”

Gu Feihan was silent and he lifted her hands away from his waist and walked away with a blank expression.

“You love her, don’t you? Since you love her so much, why did you bring me to anger her?”

Gu Feihan paused. His hands clenched on his side, the veins popping, “You’re wrong. I hate her and I want to watch her suffer,” he paused for a moment and turned to Luo Xuan, “I will let the driver take you back. Don’t come to me again in the future.”

It was late when Qiao Yu reached the bottom of the mountain. She missed the last bus to the city and sat on the platform all night. 

Early the next morning, she was awakened by her ringtone. It was a call from her father. He told her about the bankruptcy and that the family’s house was taken by the court, all assets were frozen, and they were all about to live on the streets.

“Dad, don’t worry, I’ll be back there.”

She hurriedly finished her words and got on the bus that was approaching. When she returned to the family house, the people from the court had just left. The stepmother ran away with all the money that was left, leaving her father as a divorcee and her ten-year-old brother as an orphan with nowhere to go

Qiao Yu walked forward to help her father who had fallen to the ground, “Dad, I’m sorry. Gu Feihan refused to listen to me. I really can’t help it.”

[T/N]: Another OH. MY. GOD. What!? So, he didn’t even love Luo Xuan. What is going on? I need to know. Oh, something you should know about me: I read the novel as I translate so I am as surprised/angry/sad/etc. as you all are reading this. Qiao Yu, fighting!

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