Ch. 4: Why Don’t You Believe Me?

TL and Editor: mystic_alixTL

Announcement: Chapters 4-6 will be released today as I’ve decided to start posting two chapters a week. I’ve thrown in an extra chapter as my treat for not posting a second chapter last week. Enjoy!

“Go away, I don’t want to see you.”

Gu Feihan scolded her for interrupting. His demeanor was indifferent and didn’t give her a chance to speak.

Qiao Yu started to feel hot and tears started to flow down her cheeks. This matter was really not her fault. It was Luo Xuan that kept provoking her and the situation. She was boiling with anger, but she couldn’t even explain herself. Her husband only had Luo Xuan in mind.

“Why don’t you see if from my perspective? Is it really necessary to divorce after a two-year marriage? Feihan, why don’t you give me a chance?”

Qiao Yu clenched her fist and shouted hysterically. After the roar, she regretted it and reached for Gu Feihan’s hand. Lowering herself, begging humbly, “Tell me, why? Why am I not as good as her? I can change.”

Gu Feihan was silent. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking with his eyes down. For a moment it was so quiet that if a needle fell on the ground, it would be heard. Qiau Yu tightened her grip on his hand–her heart beating faster and faster.


Luo Xuan raised his head, tearfully whispering his name, her voice carrying infinite grievances. And it looked like Gu Feihan was suddenly electrocuted and he suddenly withdrew his hands from Qiao Yu’s. He looked at her again with indifference–as if she was a stranger. 

Qiao Yu felt cold and knew things weren’t going to end well.

She opened her mouth to talk, but he immediately interrupted her, “There is nothing else that needs to be said. You will get out of here tonight. Even if you do not want to sign the divorce agreement, I will notify the lawyer and see you in court…”

The blood on her face faded and the slap earlier was almost transparent, “Feihan, you really…”

She felt like she was choking and could hardly speak. He guided Luo Xuan to turn around and walked away. 

When Qiao Yu walked out of the house, it was raining heavily and she didn’t have an umbrella. Soaked in water, she wanted to laugh–instead, tears rolled out of her eyes. 

She liked Gu Feihan and he liked her when they first met. At that time, she was being surrounded by a few hooligans at school and he came out to save her. He was her hero.

It was as if it was a fairytale. They met and they fell in love. In the beginning, everything was perfect but things suddenly changed when he found out that she was Qiao Zhengnan’s daughter. He suddenly became a different person and he avoided her then disappeared. 

Later, he finally agreed to marry her, but it was because he was drugged. Since then, Gu Feihan never showed her kindness. No matter how hard she tried, they could never seem to return to their happier days. 

She didn’t know what went wrong and she didn’t know why Gu Feihan, the one who loved her and protected her, became so cold. 

She was now divorced? What can she do?

“Why, how did you become like this?”

[T/N]: I feel like this is such a weird thing to say, but I really feel for Qiao Yu–to love someone so hard that you’re willing to forgo all the pain. Also, what is wrong with her father!? I wonder if we’ll learn more about what happened later on.

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