Ch. 3: Being Driven Out of the House by A White Lotus

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

“But Feihan said that you already signed a divorce agreement. You’re divorced yet you’re still at your ex-husband’s house pretending to be a hostess. How thick-faced,” Luo Xuan sneered and picked up the coffee from the table, “I heard that the Qiao family went bankrupt, yet you’re here. For alimony.”

“I don’t need to explain it to you.”

Qiao Yu didn’t want to continue being humiliated and began to walk away, but Luo Xuan suddenly got up and blocked her way. 

“It’s not my business, but Feihan promised me that I can live here starting today. And, after two months, we will get married. He would prepare a sensational wedding for the whole city to see and will let me be the happiest bride in the world…I heard that your marriage, you only got a certificate. No reception. How pitiful.”

Qiao Yu gritted her teeth and said nothing. 

“You know, he’s been with me all these days and he’s so considerate. I had a fever in the middle of the night and he ran out in the rain to buy me medicine. I was so moved. He also told me that his marriage to you was out of convenience that once he’s achieved his goal, he would leave you.”

Luo Xuan’s smug smile was also present in her eyes as she kept opening each of Qiao Yu’s scars.  

“Go! Get out of my house immediately!”

Qiao Yu was about to drag the woman out, but Luo Xuan suddenly raised her hand and slapped Qiao Yu hard on the face. 

This caught her off guard and Luo Xuan stood up and looked down at Qiao Yu, “That slap was to show you who the real hostess of this house is.”

Qiao Yu’s face was red out of anger and she stood up and stood her ground, her eyes filled with hatred, “You bitch who destroy other people’s families and you will pay for it sooner or later.”

“Ha! Relax, my retribution hasn’t come yet since God doesn’t care. Qiao Yu, you are no longer…”

Before she could finish speaking, there were footsteps coming from the outside. Luo Xuan glanced at Qiao Yu, picked up the coffee cup, and chuckled. She splashed the coffee all over herself, tore her hair apart, turned, and ran towards the sound of the footsteps. 

Qiao Yu was surprised by the sudden strange set of actions. She looked up and saw Feihan walking towards the living room and Luo Xuan ran then collided with him.


Luo Xuan threw herself directly into his arms, sobbing, and crying grievances. 

Gu Feihan frowned, his eyes cold as he looked at Qiao Yu. She was biting her lips. His face showed anger, “What’s going on?”

Luo Xuan hugged him tightly, tears continuing to fall, “I just asked her to help me pour a glass of water, but she said that she is the hostess of this family and pushed me away. I refused to leave, then she beat me and poured coffee over me. Feihan, I didn’t know she was your wife.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

Qiao Yu shook her hand and wanted to explain, instead Gu Feihan scoffed at her and sneered, “Not like that?”

“Feihan, I really didn’t, it’s her…”

[T/N]: OH.MY.GOD. What a bitch! But you know as someone who writes poetry and creative non-fiction, you know that a villain is good when you hate them and get riled up by them.

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