Ch. 2: She Does Not Want a Divorce

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

[T/N]: Surprise! Here’s a second chapter for you since it’s release day! (:

Qiao Yu fell to the ground, tears bursting and streaming down her face. She didn’t have a full recollection of what had happened two years ago. 

I only knew that it was a banquet hosted by my family and my father had invited Gu Feihan to join the festivities. She had drunk too much and returned to her room and found Gu Feihan there as well. He seemed to have been drugged and he rushed over to her. 

The next morning, reporters came to capture what had happened between them. Her father forced him to marry her to ease the public opinion. And although the marriage occurred and seemed like a success to the public, their relationship was terse. 

“I don’t want to sign and divorce!”

Qiao Yu didn’t want to cooperate and threw out the divorce papers out of her hand; however, Gu Feihan eventually drove her out. She had nowhere to go except her family’s house, but when she got there it wasn’t any better. Her father and stepmother were arguing and her ten-year-old brother was sitting on the ground crying. 

Qiao Yu covered, then lowered her face, daring not to speak.

“Don’t think it’s okay for you to stay quiet,” her stepmother pointed out while she sneered at Qiao Yu. She looked at Qiao Yu as if they were mortal enemies.

“Your husband and others dug a pit for your dad to jump into causing the company to go bankrupt! If it weren’t for how useless you are, our family wouldn’t fall this low!”

“I’m sorry.”

“On this day, I tell you, no matter what method you use, you must let Gu Feihan close, otherwise…otherwise, I will kill you.”

Qiao Yu said nothing and the woman grabbed her hair and pushed her on the sofa, “Did you hear me?”

Her scalp hurt and the memory of being abused as a child rushed through her head. She wanted to resist, but couldn’t push away the woman. She could only look at her father standing there, “Dad…”

“My daughter, dad is begging you, go back and beg Gu Feihan. You are his wife, he will care about you,” Qiao Zhengnan fell to his knees and kowtowed. Qiao Yu shook her head and said that she didn’t have the ability to do so. Her stepmother tightened her grip on her hair harder as if she meant to pull her scalp off. 

“I’ll try my best,” was all she said and nodded. 

Her vicious stepmother sneered and let go, “If you can’t do it, I’ll go to your place and make trouble. It’s pretty much the same.”

She couldn’t even stay a little longer at home. They sent her out without even having time to drink. Qiao Yu stopped the car on the roadside and returned to Gu Feihan’s mountain villa. 

The servant told her that the young master was upstairs. Qiao Yu went to find him, but when she entered the door she came across Luo Xan reading a magazine on the living room sofa. 

Luo Xuan noticed Qiao Yu passing by and put aside the magazine she’d been reading and smiled, “Miss Qiao, I thought you’d left, what are you doing?”

Qiao Yu gritted her teeth and the veins on her forehead were basically protruding one by one, “I’m walking into my home. Miss Luo, I hope you understand that I am the hostess here. I am Gu Feihan’s legal wife and you are sitting in my house.”


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